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No, sorry. I'm not planning on releasing the source code. The source code isn't documented well and could be refactored quite a bit... If you want, I can tell you how I created certain things in Code Craft.

oof rip game.... was fun

Code Craft community · Created a new topic Need Help?

Hi, if anyone needs help, please ask a question here. I'll help as soon as possible.

lol imagine not beating my escape 0 world record of 5.81

lol idc if u dont count it. im just posting my highscores for fun

hah nope too much work...

New world record right?

no... you literally just pick up the gun then shoot the door then shoot the barrel 

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Escape 1 PB: 7.09

It's not. You pickup the gun then shoot it.

That's an extremely basic mechanic... And you can gain much more speed using explosions... I was able to complete that level sub 8 using the explosive barrel