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For some dumb reason, you need to use a french keyboard to move normally. Left click makes you crouch for some reason. Too many control errors. I doubt that this was really made by Dani. He wouldn't let any of these bugs slide. Also, the game movements dont match up at all

You can double tap any object and for some reason, they're just sent flying for some reason. I would say that you should probably fix this but for now, this is incredibly ideal for those who can't land on or slide under the milk table

found a bug. If you dig a hole and an ai was also about to dig that hole, when both of you finish, the hole stays there until you restart the game. But you lose like, all you're growing trees...

If you are planning to make more button keys, probably make a keyboard settings so that we can change the button locations to our desire so that we can play more comfortably (or/and better). Also, on Escape 3, the ramp behind the last door actually blocks the door sometimes when you try to push it. Can you please fix that?


can't view the video

I got 00:04:51

i use obs

This game is really good. However, I find some places to be quite frustrating. One of them is the hitbox area to take down the enemy. I sometimes just can't take them down by sliding into them sometimes. Another thing is that slow motion actually does not slow down the stopwatch at all. So having slow mo won't actually help in speedruns. Also, perhaps have a hotkey change option for players who enjoy their own button style. One other thing is perhaps have more tutorials or information that helps new players understand what they can do and whatnot. It took me some time to learn how the game controls, weapons, and enemies.

Conclusion, I say this is a great game and while there are some bugs or problems with physics, it's starting great as a game