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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Critique and Feedback

A topic by xpwifi created Jan 23, 2020 Views: 766 Replies: 10
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I love the idea behind the movement. Wall runs/jumps, gun jumping yourself into the air, grappling. It's all very cool. One thing that would make it feel less slippery and more in control is greater air control. There's already some. When grenade jumping, you can slow your movement forward by turning the camera sideways and pressing A or D in the opposite direction of the jump. But you can't slow down by pressing S, the "back-yourself-up" key. I think air control would go a long way into making the game feel more in control. Currently I feel like a drunk man when I'm jumping, or even just running. You can kind of air-strafe, but the control isn't there.

Also, I feel enemy ragdolls should lose collision when dead. In the first sky level, I ran into an enemy to keep him from shooting me, and I lost all momentum and got stuck on the ragdoll such that I had to go backwards to get around him. It wasn't a good experience.

It would be nice if I could hold spacebar when jumping and not instantly bounce off a wall after jumping into it. Maybe have it wait till I press jump again for me to jump again instead of having me bounce again after holding space down once. It would make the controls tighter.

I don't like getting launched off the level from a grenade launcher wielding enemy. I'd rather just die and restart since getting launched off the level will end in the same result, but more  S L O W L Y .

Some people have expressed hatred towards the milk table, citing that it slows down runs. It does, but if you just improved the air control, people could more consistently jump and steer into the milk instead of hitting the table and carefully lining up a jump to get that milk.


Thanks for the feedback!

I'm already working on greater air control, not only strafing, so that should be much better in the full release. Also way more repsonsive and snappy, so precise platforming is actually possible now lol.

Regarding the ragdolls, I'm not quite sure how to go about it, as I don't just wanna make the collision go away. But that might be the only choice

Thanks for the feedback!

Deleted 1 year ago

You can double tap any object and for some reason, they're just sent flying for some reason. I would say that you should probably fix this but for now, this is incredibly ideal for those who can't land on or slide under the milk table

Perhaps you could make the ragdolls really easy to push when running into them, and also easier to step onto.

i played Karlson. Its a GREAT game!



Hey Dani I have one more critique that bugs me beyond believe and sorta ruins the game for me a little bit. It's how the music sorta distorts almost at random and kinda makes you feel like you're underwater. It makes me feel extremely claustrophobic. Maybe put an option so the music stays normal at all times? Thanks! :)

hi dani i would love if you could teach me game developing

I really like the game, but I think some powerups and secrets would be good in  the future.

love it! the shooting, running and grappling was really good the character did feel a bit floaty but it added to the experience. i can only think of improving the game by adding different objectives, changing the terrain of the map adding big beefy a.i's more weapons that do different things (ratchet and clank as an example). Freaking awesome! 

I agree it's a good game with flaws.