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There is one.

I agree it's a good game with flaws.

Neither am I.

I think it will be out in the full release

Hey, Kind request Dani please tell me a reason to keep going.

KARLSON community · Posted in Test

What is this supposed to be?

He earns nothing sadly.

Did you ever get the source code?


It never came out on mobile sadly.

What is that last part supposed to mean?

I don't think he is going to do anything else with this game.

Congrats for being the world record holder before.


Congrats for getting #3 In Creative us of theme

How. Just how.

Great game!

Epic gamer moment.

For me the whole game was hard.

I agree it's a really good game but has a lot of issues.

I don't think it's normal.

Push of download button and when it downloads extract it.

Its fixed now.

I think its fixed now.

This is a really good game! Its way better than the other game about balls.

They don't work.

If you have a pc, you should play it on there.

Did he ever send you it?

Yea, it's really impressive how it was made in one day.