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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Hey, Kind request Dani.

A topic by AydeX created Jan 17, 2020 Views: 279 Replies: 8
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Long time fan here, i really love your games, especially this one. if your able to or have time please release a few updates once in a while, this is truly a masterpiece


Check out the Steam page, were the updated game will eventually release! :) 

Thanks for sticking around and watching my videos mate!


Hey, dani do u have any idea when map editor will be out i cant wait to make my own levels and have over 2k bad guys uwu


Not sure yet, but it will most likely be in the Steam release :)

kk (:

Dani iam a kid i am 11 years i am a big fan of you and can you tell me which program do you use to code?

plz big fan and i have subscribe you and like every video and on milk man side

dani cant respond, but he has said he uses visual studio code/visual studio 2019, thats the complicated big boi program to code

what a cool developer