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great game!

awesome, thanks bro! fixed it! :D

there is one

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm already working on greater air control, not only strafing, so that should be much better in the full release. Also way more repsonsive and snappy, so precise platforming is actually possible now lol.

Regarding the ragdolls, I'm not quite sure how to go about it, as I don't just wanna make the collision go away. But that might be the only choice

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah I'll work on that, so they actually have proper vision! :)

Not sure yet, but it will most likely be in the Steam release :)

Check out the Steam page, were the updated game will eventually release! :) 

Thanks for sticking around and watching my videos mate!

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Test

idunno what im doint

There already is bhopping :) i definitely want to improve on the surfing tho

Hahaha that's amazing, made me laught when he went "KARLSON WILL KILL ALL OF YOU" :DD

C# Yeah :)

They are just some test maps, not actually anything good. Though I am planniing on adding more maps

I earn nothing from pc games

Yeah ill fix it in the future :)

Hmm I might put up the soure code

That's very sad :(

I might eventually port it to phones, we'll see

Takker :D

I think I'll do some more with it yeah :) And yeah, I'll fix settings soon!

Awesome, and yah I'm planning to do more with Karlson ;D


Thanks! And yeah, the barrel jumps aren't very consistant unfortunately. That's a good idea though, to have a button for restart, as you die a lot in this game. Currently you can press escape and then restart, but that's kinda slow. Thanks for the suggestion!

Bro you are actually an elite gamer

Really fun, and that bomb explosion effect is something else mate! Loved it :)

Thank you, Max Payne and SuperHot are definitely my biggest inspirations, haven't gotten to try out Pedro yet unfortunately. I plan on soon though!

Awesome, glad to hear as it's inspired by Super Hot! :)

Very nice. Certified epic gamer!

Thanks for the good feedback! And your english is fine :)

Thanks for the great feedback! :)

Oh, probably becuase of all the fancy bloom and other post processing effects. I should probably make it more lightweight haha, but you can always change it in the options.

Oh, I'm not sure why that happens sorry :/ But you should be able to play the game in the browser now! :)

Thanks! And yep, the link is now on the page :)

Download the .zip file. Put it in a folder on your desktop, and right click on the file. Click "Unzip", and once all the files are in the folder, double click the balls game :)

Try again now, it should be a .zip instead of .rar :)

Oh, i didn't even know they worked before, sorry about this! I'll try to get it fixed

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I will release an update soon fixing most of the bugs, and probably adding some more content if I have time for that as well. Cheers!

Yeah they're not functional for PC

Working on it, video coming soon :)

I'll try to remember, if I forget just get in touch again haha