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thank you

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KARLSON community · Replied to zatico in Times

pls watch, I'm so small and unimportant at the moment

youtube video by yours truly

KARLSON community · Replied to zatico in Times

Gonna edit the video down now and post it when I'm done!!

forgot to record the first time so had to break my own record again. new escape 0 WR

KARLSON community · Replied to Onoz8 in Times

lol, i also made an account just for this game! glad I made this group!

I'm now sub 30 on all levels, just did a 1 hour recording session so I'll edit it down and upload my most recent levels. I don't have footage for sky 0, escape 0 or escape 1. the rest were all updated in the video. not sure how many are WR!

We're getting better gamers!

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KARLSON community · Created a new topic Times

This is to post proof of your most current WR times!

very nice!i would recommend crouch slamming the first door to get more control in the second room

I did that tooo

how would you fake it? plus my obs lags my game out like crazy. playing on a hp pavilion isnt the most ideal of machines to do a video

gotcha by a second

all of my current times

sorry mate, i got a 3.68

24.00 now

sorry for all of the updates!

28.05 now

32.55 now

so i also just got a 32.45 on sky 1. anyone get better

just got myself a 3.68

AYE! just got a 3.68 on sky 0!