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Fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games. · By Nesbox


A topic by Rynxist created Dec 08, 2016 Views: 11,095 Replies: 15
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Hey I am really new and wonder if anyone can help me by pointing me to a beginner's guide or a tutorial. My main problem is the programming aspect but I like making sprites and using the sfx editor. I also do not understand how to implement the map but I would just like to make small animations.


Do you already know how to program in some other language? If you do, then just do dir and load the demos and you can look at their code to learn the language, like I did. It's lua script. The API functions and their arguments are on the TIC main page, and the ones that have -> are the ones with return values. If you look in the changelog you can probably figure out what most of them do.

If you don't know how to program, then... <reasonably detailed explanation will be given if this is the case>


You're gonna need to learn how to script in Lua first. Here's the website: It has everything you need to know, you will need to learn TICs functions, most stuff in PICO8 should work in this, here's the PICO8 cheat sheet: . I learnt most my Lua through LOVE2D, perhaps you should give that a try first?

Also, see PICO-8 zine

Hello. I've tried to script the "Squashy" game written in PICO-8 zine 1 and it didn't work. 

It looks that the same code don't work here.


yes, TIC has a bit different API

I'm not a programmer, I'm just an English teacher in Brazil. When I'd discovered Pico-8 I had the idea to teach games' programming to my students that are very demotivated. I'm using any tutorial I find starting with the "Squashy" game. It is in Pico-zine #1 and in a series of videos called Pico-8 Hero. 

So. I bought Pico-8 and installed on the school's computers. The students loved the first class! It was magical!

They are so pumped that are researching alternatives to keep programming at home. Believe me: To research on their own is an enormous step!

I managed to convert the first step of Squashy (drawing the background and making the moving paddle). They are so happy.!

Any tutorials on TIC-80 (pointing the differences between it and Pico-8) are welcome.


I made a TIC-80 port of Squashy for you

-- title:  Squashy port
-- author: Nesbox
-- desc:   port of Squashy game from picozine
-- script: lua
-- input:  gamepad -- paddle
padh=4 -- ball
ballydir=-2 score=0

function movepaddle()
 if btn(2) then
 elseif btn(3) then
end function moveball()
end function bounceball()
 -- left
 if ballx < ballsize then
 end  -- right
 if ballx > 240-ballsize then
 end  -- top
 if bally < ballsize then
end -- bounce the ball off the paddle
function bouncepaddle()
 if ballx>=padx and
ballx<=padx+padw and
  bally>pady then
  score=score+10 -- increase the score on a hit!
end function losedeadball()
 if bally>136-ballsize then
  if lives>0 then
  -- next life
  -- game over

function update()
end function TIC()

 -- clear the screen

-- draw the lives
 for i=1,lives do

-- draw the score
print(score, 12, 6, 15)

 -- draw the paddle
 rect(padx,pady,padw,padh, 15)

-- draw the ball

and uploaded cart to website

try to learn and find the difference

Thank you so much!

> They are so pumped that are researching alternatives to keep programming at home. Believe me: To research on their own is an enormous step!

You could show TIC-80 to your students and say "It's almost the same, but a little bit different in some spots so not all programs work... maybe you can figure it out?"

They might just be motivated enough to work on this as a team if you do!

Like Sugata Mitra says:


Have you already seen this tutorial about how to make a simple platformer with TIC-80 ?

Thanks. I'll use it!

I'd like a proper tutorial as well, one that tackles stuff specific to TIC or stuff that is so far removed from Pico-8 analogues that previous P8 experience doesn't apply. 



"I made a TIC-80 port of Squashy for you"

NES box is the most active, supportive, developer I have ever encountered!  I am also very happy to here your students are using tic-80 as an alternative to pico-8.  Tic is more open, has widescreen, and fast growing community.  Although the community is smaller than pico-8, I think Nesbox's dedication to this project makes it a better choice for teaching.

DANG IT< coding is not simple enough I can't even make a game if its goning to be this, hard, it will take me days to make a game.
or even years>
if you played hamumu games, you will understand, its much easier to use a game maker and do all the coding for you then to use this
if anyone wants to make a game with me pleas let me know

Hi I am new to tic 80. Please somebody can give me a cheatsheets of the api