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Hi, yes, this is limitation, you can switch only one bank per tick.

Hi, could you please find the version which works properly here and let me know.

Thank you.

great, could you pls add this to the wiki

thank you

added to github

thank you

there is no way, pls use multiple prints

would you like to upload it to the


I just added the game to the collection, it's brilliant.

Thank you


it's possible, just set 'smallFont=true' in the 'print()' api

print text [x=0 y=0] [color=15] [fixed=false] [scale=1] [smallfont=false] -> width 

just checked, BACK button works on my device...

back button should work, it's a bug if not

no, you can't change display size, only clip it to 160x136 maximum

and you can change palette

so, seems it works in .70

try to call trace(debug.traceback())

I'm not sure if 'debug' module enabled in 60.3

I think it's .80 feature

`Remap` is just a callback which is called for every tile on map rendering stage and you can change tile index in the runtime.

Here is simple demo how it works

I had to temporarily switch to another project and I don't have time for TIC at the moment, I worked full time on TIC before. Anyway, .70 almost ready, main changes are Wren and Fennel languages support, CRT monitor effect, touch keyboard for Android and etc. You can read about version changes here 

Will try to release it in June.

I like the idea, it looks very useful even if it will be implemented only for the lua based languages.

I see it as a player without editors inside, with compressed cart and embedded cart. Cart won't be encrypted and if you have enough skills you can extract it and uncompress...

yes, it's not implemented yet, going to add it in .80


In short, you have 8 memory banks and can switch between them in the runtime using sync() api, you can't use all at once

try to use "save cart.tic" then "get cart.tic" command in the browser

there is no Pro version for browsers, only win/linux/macos/android

hmm, just tested on the Chrome, works fine


I looked at your game, it loads well, just try to change viewport dimensions to 768x432 px on the game settings page

and sorry for the outdated bundler, I have to remove it

Thanks or the report 

I added an issue

here someone uses 32 colors per frame with OVR() function

BPM = (6 * Tempo) / Speed

Hi, you could try to build Pro version yourself, build instructions are here and use 'make linux-pro' instead 'make linux'

yes, going to add mouse input

keep in touch


I don't see images you attached to the post, also, unfortunately, I didn't get email from :(

TIC-80 doesn't limit CPU usage, I'm thinking about it, but haven't found suitable solution yet

and yes, TIC uses only one core, I'll try to investigate why PICO uses two...

Hi, unfortunately it's not implemented yet, but we have opened issue

yes, banks work everywhere, with PRO version you can switch and edit them in the TIC's Editors
with sync() api you can load game resources like sprites/map/sound from a bank you want to the 80K RAM in runtime

you don't need to call sync() for the code, all the code automatically loads on game startup from 7th bank to 0

to edit banks in external editor pls use text cart format, switch bank in Code Editor, type some code, go to console and use 'save game.lua' command, then you can open 'game.lua' in any text editor (TIC will automatically reload cart when you save it), you should see <CODE1>... section

Pro version has 8 banks each 64KB of code, so you have 512KB of code limit in total

fixed here

pls check

not implemented yet, pls create an issue on Github