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Thanks, the font was made by @level27geek

you can download it here https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1388526/tic-80-wide-font

Thank you. Will think about Patreon...

wow, thank you for the donation and appreciative words :)

Not going to add other consoles, sorry.

TIC tries to find game.lua in working directory (folder where TIC app is installed)

It should work. Place game.lua where you want and call dofile('/.../game.lua') with absolute or relative path

Posted in About the mouse

you can define mouse cursor sprite (foreground sprite) from LUA by calling poke(0x3FFB,index), it'll draw system cursor if index=0


done in .24

It can't be done with the current Sprite Editor, but you can write a tool for TIC to edit and draw 2-bit sprites using poke4/peek4 by 0x4000... addr

Posted in save to desktop

Use GET command

ok, then :)

Great, but I can't understand how it refers to TIC80? if spec will be the same then OK, but if you design your own spec why not you give it own name?

Of course allowed, you can do what you want with your game :)

not yet, here is an issue https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues/60

like it, than you :)


Of course, I created 'trim' issue on the Github https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues/81

People will be able create business apps with TIC If this goes on, joking :)

great job btw, thanks

Thanks for the palettes, I updated the the demo https://tic.computer/play?cart=1

or just sprite index, will draw cursor if the index > 0

Posted in About the mouse

There is no way to turn off cursor. I got your problem and will think how to do it :)

Likely you will have to set a flag in RAM using 'poke'.

I see, thanks


Yes, Android input is buggy and doesn't work properly, I have similar issues here https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues?q=is...

Please add your comments to the issues and I'll fix it in the near future.

Thanks for the bug report and appreciative words :)

Thank you man :)

not going, sorry

know about the issue, will try to fix


It's possible but I'm not going to add new emulators, sorry

yes, seems to browser doesn't have enough performance to emulate GBA

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yes, this is a bug

and thanks for the fix :)

I think it's to much to add mask to the draw api.

So, I see the following workaround:

- draw all your complex shapes to the screen buffer using regular draw api;

- then copy part of the screen to the sprites buffer using 'pix' and 'sset' functions (https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki/code-e...);

- clear the screen and finally you can draw your complex shapes from the sprites using 'spr' api :)

So, I closed the issue then.

As for scrolling on Android I'm thinking how to do it better, I can scroll the code editor on touch events and select only with mouse cursor events, or I can add toolbar button to switch mode scroll/select on mobile devices...

Could you pls test the bug on the latest .19 version, because I cannot reproduce it.


Very useful, added to snippets https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki/Code-e...


I created an issue https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues/57, will try to fix it

Thank you for the appreciation and the bug report :)

try to add (E) postfix to the rom name

gamename (E).smd' for example

Please keep it up and fix the control, the hero jumps very often and it's difficult to play :)

I like how it looks btw!

Thanks for the game :)

(Edited 1 time)

Same problem on Windows version.

not yet, sorry

I'll announce when I fix the save issue

You can call it like "moon bootstrap template" or smth else and add it to the wiki snippets I think :)

Also you can use cartridge metadata to init palette https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki#cartri...

Try to add the code to initialize pico palette in the correct order

-- pal: 0000001d2b537e2553008751ab52365f574fc2c3c7fff1e8ff004dffa300ffec2700e43629adff83769cff77a8ffccaa

Interesting idea btw


Try to use NTSC roms unstead PAL

Hi, try to open your OneDrive folder from the XBox Edge browser https://onedrive.live.com

and make sure that your files are exist