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here someone uses 32 colors per frame https://tic.computer/play?cart=417 with OVR() function

BPM = (6 * Tempo) / Speed

Hi, you could try to build Pro version yourself, build instructions are here https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/wiki/build-instructions#raspberry-pi-retropie and use 'make linux-pro' instead 'make linux'

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yes, going to add mouse input

keep in touch


I don't see images you attached to the post, also, unfortunately, I didn't get email from :(

SYNC means TIC doesn't perfectly fit 60 fps on your phone. To disable it, type 'config' command, go to code editor, and change MISSED_FRAMES to 2 or more

in .70 it will be disabled by default

TIC-80 doesn't limit CPU usage, I'm thinking about it, but haven't found suitable solution yet

and yes, TIC uses only one core, I'll try to investigate why PICO uses two...

Hi, unfortunately it's not implemented yet, but we have opened issue https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/issues/260

yes, banks work everywhere, with PRO version you can switch and edit them in the TIC's Editors
with sync() api you can load game resources like sprites/map/sound from a bank you want to the 80K RAM in runtime

you don't need to call sync() for the code, all the code automatically loads on game startup from 7th bank to 0

to edit banks in external editor pls use text cart format, switch bank in Code Editor, type some code, go to console and use 'save game.lua' command, then you can open 'game.lua' in any text editor (TIC will automatically reload cart when you save it), you should see <CODE1>... section

Pro version has 8 banks each 64KB of code, so you have 512KB of code limit in total

fixed here https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/issues/438#issuecomment-354114930

pls check

not implemented yet, pls create an issue on Github


Hmm, I'll try to investigate, 



I mean "not yet", of course, music could be extracted or imported, but you have to implement converter.

Don't know, maybe 5 bucks, but you can always build pro version from sources if you don't want to buy

unfortunately, there is no way to convert

It's not implemented yet

Going to add this as part of TIC Pro

Ok, thanks

Where did you test it, in the browser or native app?

Could you run https://tic.computer/play?cart=122 on these PCs and check fps?


There is no way, but I'm going to add it


not implemented yet, but I'll think

With the ADD command you can copy any file to internal file system

On some platforms you can't open TIC directory (like HTML version), so you can use ADD then

Some people reported that it slow on insider preview alpha ring, do you on the Insider Preview?

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don't know yet, thinking about design...

Awesome work

Thank you!

It hasn't implemented yet, it will be a part of the Pro version I think

Unfortunately, I don't know. I build ARM version directly on PocketCHIP


try to use 'folder' command to open system file explorer and move them manually

or you can use 'get cart.tic' command also and store cart where you want

run the game and press F7 to assign cover :)

press F7 to assign cover for the cartridge, also fill TITLE, AUTHOR and etc. tags and don't forget to ave cart

no,  this for GIF video capturing, try to press F9

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

yes, it's a bug and it has been fixed in .46 version https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/issues/307

will release it soon


if your game uses mouse, you can change cursor by calling

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thank you again 👍 

It would be great, I'm going to create tutorials section on the TIC website in the future.

For now you can post it on the Wiki https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki/tutorials and we'll move them to the official website later.