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Posted in Piano mode

don't know yet, thinking about design...

Awesome work

Thank you!

It hasn't implemented yet, it will be a part of the Pro version I think

Unfortunately, I don't know. I build ARM version directly on PocketCHIP


try to use 'folder' command to open system file explorer and move them manually

or you can use 'get cart.tic' command also and store cart where you want

run the game and press F7 to assign cover :)

press F7 to assign cover for the cartridge, also fill TITLE, AUTHOR and etc. tags and don't forget to ave cart

no,  this for GIF video capturing, try to press F9

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

could you pls check the emulator here https://nesbox.com/embed, is it slow too?

yes, it's a bug and it has been fixed in .46 version https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/issues/307

will release it soon


if your game uses mouse, you can change cursor by calling

Replied to sgdw in Open source

thank you again 👍 

It would be great, I'm going to create tutorials section on the TIC website in the future.

For now you can post it on the Wiki https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki/tutorials and we'll move them to the official website later.


yes, load your game from SURF, then go to console and run "save cart_name" to save it to your local folder

TIC has own API https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki#functions

native export hasn't implemented yet for Android, but you can upload your cartridge to the https://tic.computer/play website and play it on your phone then (using SURF mode for example)


So, I tried to design a fantasy computer with a fantasy specification, don't know, I just liked 240x136 and it is very close to 16:9, and yes, we need to fit 8x8 tiles. I agree, 256x144 looks like more reasonable choice, but It's too late to change the resolution :) people already made a lot of games for TIC80 and they will break.

I think fantasy consoles designed for tiny games and you have to choose normal game making tool like Unity or Game Maker If your ambitions doesn't fit current limitations

Thanks and sorry for delay with the response :)


pls add to github issues


I didn't get, you saved file with .mthml extension?

Use FOLDER command to find your carts


you can use copy/paste or use command `load cart.tic music` to load only music section from the cartridge


could you pls go to nesbox.com and test framerate on the preview alpha?


  • TIC has only 64K of Lua code, you have to be smart if you need more, you can use store your code in map area and use 'loadstring' function fro example
  • persistent memory has 28 bytes length, pmem operates with 4byte integers, so there are 7 slots available
  • ...?
  • yes, it's possible, I can make TIC-80 Pro which can export games without TIC mentioning and access to the code/graphics editors
  • I'm not good at tutorials/documentation and etc. maybe one day someone will do this for us :)
  • yes, WIP section is intended for this purpose

:) yes, TIC got new logo

but you can edit it, use 'config' command

Posted in Music volume?

as variant, you can change music volume via Sound Registers https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/wiki/RAM

it's strange, 2.14 MB on my side

seems you installed html version of TIC

yes, you can access sprite memory using peek/poke functions

here is an example how get/set spritesheet pixel


Use Alt+Enter then :)

(Edited 1 time)

btn() has only one argument - button id

UPD: ah, you probably mean btn(id) == btnp(id,0,1), yes it seems, honestly, I haven't checked it yet :)

btn() returns true all the time (if button pressed), will be true-true-true-true-false-true

btnp() returns true only one time, when button was just pressed, will be true-false-false-false-false-true


Posted in Suggestions!!

Could you pls add these suggestions to GIthub to not forget https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues


(Edited 1 time)

This will never happen with TIC, sorry :) (maybe only collision detection in api)

So, yes, TIC80 is designed to make tiny games and it will break all the limitations if I'll remove code limit (you will be able to load all the graphics from the code/text).

pls choose another dev tool, like Unity or Game Maker If you want to develop a really big game

PS. there is a second variant, TIC will be opensorced soon and you'll be able to fork it and make your own console or remove the limitations

Sorry for the delay with the response

Replied to sgdw in Open source

Thank you for donation :)

I'm going to release sources in 1-2 months

Map editor hasn't fully implemented yet and all these points will be added in near future

Posted in Discord

There is discord server https://discord.gg/DkD73dP

I moved TIC to the beta version in Play Store, so, there is no limitations