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love it. action is well done! love the particles coming out of the pipes. very cool. bobbing in the water., and the water effect. all very well done!

same. crashes on start.

flawless. i love it.

these are great! really well done.

excellent! great concept, great execution. i just got beaten by your AI. I love the Sauron eye and the shimmering text... very sinister...

I'm having an issue with audio on my Mac laptop... there is a delay before hearing a sound after it has been played in Tic-80. This delay increases the longer the app has been running, until i finally wind up with literally hours of delay... i'll be done coding and I'll be surfing the web  or something and all the noises I played an hour ago in Tic-80 will suddenly go off...

I know that both Pico and Tic use SDL... this only happens in these two apps.

Anyone know anything about this, and/or a potential solution? Does NOT appear to happen when I export to the web, so I think it's got to be an SDL audio issue.


I gave that a try and it does appear to work. I have no vsync issues with that version. 

I am loving Tic! Thanks for your efforts... it's  a blast.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic VSYNC issues on Mac

Hey there! New to Tic-80, loving it so far. I am having an issue on Mac, tho... the screen tearing is very bad. I found some info on a 'config cart' and was able to check that out... not sure how it works exactly.

So I do have VSYNC=true in the source code of the config cart, and i have VSYNC=true in my own source code... it does seem to be syncing at times, as I occasionally do not get screen tearing, but for the most part it is quite bad, whether I include  the VSYNC line or not.

I tried including the cmd '--vsync' to the command line, but TIC-80 reports that this is not a legal command.

Anyone know why I might be getting such bad screen tearing?


brilliant. the mugshots are genius. action is great. really well done.