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Thank you so much!

Thanks. I'll use it!

I'm not a programmer, I'm just an English teacher in Brazil. When I'd discovered Pico-8 I had the idea to teach games' programming to my students that are very demotivated. I'm using any tutorial I find starting with the "Squashy" game. It is in Pico-zine #1 and in a series of videos called Pico-8 Hero. 

So. I bought Pico-8 and installed on the school's computers. The students loved the first class! It was magical!

They are so pumped that are researching alternatives to keep programming at home. Believe me: To research on their own is an enormous step!

I managed to convert the first step of Squashy (drawing the background and making the moving paddle). They are so happy.!

Any tutorials on TIC-80 (pointing the differences between it and Pico-8) are welcome.

Hello. I've tried to script the "Squashy" game written in PICO-8 zine 1 and it didn't work. 

It looks that the same code don't work here.