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I only played it for a brief while, but it was a relaxed enjoyable coffee-break :)

> Previously I posted on TIGForums but let's try things out here on for this one.

Aww, but we miss you on the TIGForums!

I understand, guess I'll just keep things spoiler-free for me a bit longer ;)

I guess there is only a Windows build?

This was a fun nostalgia trip! I got the demo on a CD-ROM somewhere in the nineties and used to play that a lot, but of course this was back when if your local store didn't sell physical copies of a game you were out of luck. Really nice to finally play the full version for an hour or two :)

Does anyone else have sound issues on Linux? In my case it basically doesn't play any sound whatsoever.

I like it! I like the new style too, but this is a cute hybrid :)

Would this help?

> They are so pumped that are researching alternatives to keep programming at home. Believe me: To research on their own is an enormous step!

You could show TIC-80 to your students and say "It's almost the same, but a little bit different in some spots so not all programs work... maybe you can figure it out?"

They might just be motivated enough to work on this as a team if you do!

Like Sugata Mitra says: