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Thanks for the update! Hope you’ll have a good time with the family, and for once actually get a proper breather to recover some energy. You all deserve it!

Guess I’ll be picking up another ebook then!

I’m asking how to support the authors and being flippant about it doesn’t help anyone.

Basically thread title. If I wish to support the authors but don’t need the physical book, does it make sense to add more to the free tier price like usually allows me to?

I can’t be the only one who hopes this will be a big success and result in a Woodruff sequel :)

Arlo is happy and healthy

Most important part of the update. Happy for you and your family!


Mitch community · Created a new topic Appreciation post
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Since I can’t comment on the latest post directly for some reason [edit: it just started working again? Oh well, already posted here now] I’ll just do it here: we appreciate all the work that you’ve done on Mitch, don’t feel bad about prioritizing the safety of your family and yourself. Hang in there, we’re all rooting for you

I only played it for a brief while, but it was a relaxed enjoyable coffee-break :)

> Previously I posted on TIGForums but let's try things out here on for this one.

Aww, but we miss you on the TIGForums!

I understand, guess I'll just keep things spoiler-free for me a bit longer ;)

I guess there is only a Windows build?

This was a fun nostalgia trip! I got the demo on a CD-ROM somewhere in the nineties and used to play that a lot, but of course this was back when if your local store didn't sell physical copies of a game you were out of luck. Really nice to finally play the full version for an hour or two :)

Does anyone else have sound issues on Linux? In my case it basically doesn't play any sound whatsoever.

I like it! I like the new style too, but this is a cute hybrid :)

Would this help?

> They are so pumped that are researching alternatives to keep programming at home. Believe me: To research on their own is an enormous step!

You could show TIC-80 to your students and say "It's almost the same, but a little bit different in some spots so not all programs work... maybe you can figure it out?"

They might just be motivated enough to work on this as a team if you do!

Like Sugata Mitra says: