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really cool reminds me of some of those indie games that have multiple endings but are short. Like the amogus referenceand your pallete choice for the art style.

Like the story of this and reminds me of an old mobile game that used to exist I guess that games name is forbidden town or something

Great game and like the art style

Right cause I kept a low resoulution for the retro feel but you use fullscreen mode its a lot better that way

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Indeed my friend. (I was scared bad that it's too simple)

I was scared that the music was going to be trash, thanks for appreciating the music cause I don't have much experience in music

Really like the art and also the character design.  Like the palette choice the most.

Really like the art and also the character design.  Like the palette choice the most.

cause made this game in one day and i dont have much experience but thank


The music is not mine.

The music isn't mine

Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

I like the low pressure environment too

Really great game with potential, just need a tutorial and a more iteractiveness

great game and has a good complexity to depth ratio, recommend to any fighting games and action arcade fans 

How do I play with my friends?

what to do so that i can crash another pod after i crashed the first one

This is the right short arcade game I was searching for, Great Keep it up!

In pixelbox  I made a game and when I pressed run a new black window popped up and after a while both editor window and game window started "not responding", so I need help to run my game in the editor.

I want to add attributes to my table. How should I do it btw I am new to tic 80 so I can't figure it out.pls help

Hi I am new to tic 80. Please somebody can give me a cheatsheets of the api

great and i like your video & you are a true boner! and ProGamer(programmer and a gamer)