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"I made a TIC-80 port of Squashy for you"

NES box is the most active, supportive, developer I have ever encountered!  I am also very happy to here your students are using tic-80 as an alternative to pico-8.  Tic is more open, has widescreen, and fast growing community.  Although the community is smaller than pico-8, I think Nesbox's dedication to this project makes it a better choice for teaching.

Nice job Jack! I really like the music editor too


Awesome good fun, thanks!

yeah, the tic website is very good too. I have been visiting this forum every day and forgot about the website!

Trevor Martin's Youtube Channel

Wha? This dude made 3 great games we have not heard about in this forum?

Nesbox, could these be added to the demos please? Jetpack is a dream come true!

Good job Trevor! Thanks for making these.

zep@lexaloffle is the creator of pico-8! I am not sure porting his code is the best idea. Example ports are awesome and helpful, so thanks! Stick with a different author next time though, unless he said he is OK with it.

There are many BASIC emulators to play with already. Lua is better though. Using tic, I am pretty sure the frame rate is 3 times faster, if not 10 times faster than BASIC. I like to fiddle with BASIC too for nostalgia.

At the end of the day, it is just outdated. It's like using visual basic to make a Windows app; nobody does that anymore for a reason: it's just not efficient.

And some more praise: I can't thank u enough for making tic-80! Anyone following the progress of tic, knows Nesbox is also a very active dev that replies quickly and responds to suggestions. Each update also has many great new additions and improvements!

You deserve the highest praise. Not just for the end result, but for passion and dedication to your work. It is truly inspiring to watch this project develop!

very good example port! Thanks for the help!

This demo is awesome! Please add a shooter ship/or crosshair and some 3D laser blasting. Enemies to avoid and blast would be great too.

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Ended up getting an Asus flip chromebook. Decide having a keyboard and 10" screen would be better. Now they run android apps! tic-80 included. Great little device for tic-80 coding on the go. The pixelated font scales well with a 10" screen, without being too giant.

this is very handy! Great idea!

It uses a command line, so u need to type things to play. Typing help will list commands.

I think you should type:

"demo" then press enter

"load tetris" then press enter

"run" then press enter

And watch the magic happen!

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Name change: It seems tic has become tic-80! This is a very good idea, since the word "tic" gets a lot of "tic tac toe" results when searching. Plus it has the same format as pico-8 and liko-12. Although we all know "80" is way more cool than "8" or "12" Any reason for the number 80? Anyway I like it, excellent choice!

On top of that, all these wonderful things happened:

Tetris (should it be called Tictris?) Added to demos

Ticochet (new breakout game) is incredible!

Tunnel new demo is awesome!

and the android version has better button scaling, so games on your phone are more fun in landscape mode!

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Wicked. Friggin. Cool. thanks for making this! And awesome name too!

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does Android version have a copy/paste function? I tried to paste this demo into a new cart, but no luck. What is the best way to test this demo on a phone?

Update: it does now! Thanks Dev! Works like a charm

I am always shocked by tic and the community here! Truly inspiring stuff!

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Great! Thanks for the quick reply. I want to use tic in the living room with a wireless keyboard. Now I know what to buy.

I was in an electronics store today. They had the Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. I installed tic and it ran with no trouble. I played some quest. That $400 tablet uses ARMv7, cortex A8 quad core I think.

I know it is way too early for this question: does tic run on the Nvidia Shield console? Basically it would be downloaded from the Google play store, but has anyone ever tested tic with the Nvidia X1/K1 processor?

I agree, tic is better :)

Now we just need to port some pico-8 games to tic. A brief tutorial on how to port would be nice.

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I know what u mean. I still feel 160x128 would be more fun to work with though.

There are some great games on PICO-8, I mean serious works of art! True gems! I just want them to fill the screen. 128x128 is not even 4:3 aspect, it looks very strange, even if you love old square screens, it still seems too narrow. These incredible games would just be even better with a few more pixels to work with. Tic seems to have gone with a 16:10 aspect ratio? and is the most powerful of the 3. LIKO-12 has just what I always wanted, except all of the PICO-8 games need to be ported, and there is almost no community yet.

Anyway, it depends what you want to make. Tic has a nice amount of room to work with. Things like a mouse cursor and OS development would work well with it.

I just wanted to say thanks! Tic seems like it could be the best way ever to create retro games, even better than pico8 and liko12! The higher resolution gives us just enough pixels to really create amazing graphics.

Now for a brief history of the retro virtual computer:

pico8 has 128x128 and it was not really enough, plus it was far from widescreen, although it is the first of these 3, and we should be thankful for it's inspiration. liko12 (made by a young man in Serbia) added a more wide screen resolution and it is open source, making it a wonderful evolution of this idea. Now tic has created the best, most expressive of all 3, adding even higher resolution, customization, and compatibility!