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tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games · By Nesbox

Umm...just found 3 new polished tic-80 demos!

A topic by breadbeard created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 444 Replies: 3
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Trevor Martin's Youtube Channel

Wha? This dude made 3 great games we have not heard about in this forum?

Nesbox, could these be added to the demos please? Jetpack is a dream come true!

Good job Trevor! Thanks for making these.


Hey thanks for the kind words! That's me. I'm a little confused though. TIC-80's has a pretty decent community outside of this forum. Between the new website for sharing our games (tic.computer), posting updates on Twitter, requesting features and reporting bugs on the GitHub page, as well as the two chat rooms there's definitely a community outside of this forum. The best way to keep up with what people are working on is Twitter I'd say. If your not on Twitter I'd definitely create an account and start following @tic_computer. We're using the hashtag #TIC80 so you can search and see the progress of people's work, it's great.

Also, both of my finished games are in the public collection for TIC-80 games, as well as on the website.

As far as Nesbox adding jetpac to the demos, I'd be honored!

yeah, the tic website is very good too. I have been visiting this forum every day and forgot about the website!

This forum is good for now I think. Eventually It'd be nice to see an embedded forum on the tic.computer website. Maybe @nesbox could eventually implement a phpbb forum. That'd be awesome.