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Cute little game I enjoyed playing. Worked well on mobile too!

Thank you for sharing! Whats crazy about this little demo is it plays a lot better than some other indie football games I have played that have been in development for years. The craziest part is you've done this in just a month. Can't wait to see what comes.

Thanks for participating in the jam krAaps! Unfortunately we can't consider Scratch a Fantasy Console. We're going to keep your game as an entry, but all future Scratch games will not be accepted. Sorry about that!

Using the palette swapping function here you can change the color value of an index to another one. So you can do it pretty easily. :)

You may find this cart very useful by @MonstersGoBoom

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I'll take:

Game slot: 8 

Sprites slot: 8

Sfx: no sfx 

Music: no music 

Map: slot 8

Very fun! challenging!

@josefnpat Thank you! And yes I planned on doing a quick tutorial and music but I ran out of time! It'll definitely be in the post-jam version :)

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local DBsFun16 =

Ha it's alright. I'm sure the Russian TIC community really appreciates it. I can't read it, but looks like a ton of work!

Nesbox is hard at work on the music editor. He's been posting pretty frequent updates of it on Twitter.

Woke up this morning and saw 60 demos were added to the Website. This is a great resource for beginners. Thanks Alrado for taking the time to add these to the site!

This forum is good for now I think. Eventually It'd be nice to see an embedded forum on the website. Maybe @nesbox could eventually implement a phpbb forum. That'd be awesome.

Hey thanks for the kind words! That's me. I'm a little confused though. TIC-80's has a pretty decent community outside of this forum. Between the new website for sharing our games (, posting updates on Twitter, requesting features and reporting bugs on the GitHub page, as well as the two chat rooms there's definitely a community outside of this forum. The best way to keep up with what people are working on is Twitter I'd say. If your not on Twitter I'd definitely create an account and start following @tic_computer. We're using the hashtag #TIC80 so you can search and see the progress of people's work, it's great.

Also, both of my finished games are in the public collection for TIC-80 games, as well as on the website.

As far as Nesbox adding jetpac to the demos, I'd be honored!

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Nice! Here's my re-ordered CGA palette I made awhile ago you can put right into config.lua:

local CGA =



Tic does not support touch scrolling, you have to use the arrows with your keyboard to move around. I recommend using hacker's keyboard.

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  1. Are we allowed to update our games during voting? I see others are but doesn't that defeat the point of having the 72 hour limit? Very confused how that works. I'd like to continue development on my game and add features and fix bugs, but only if the jam allows it.
  2. Can anyone vote or only people who submitted a game for the jam?
  3. Will there be a Löve Jam 2? :D

with the exception of logos/intros/fonts.

pretty sure this is not allowed. All assets must be created during the jam.

Scrap this I'm going solo.

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Well softsound never got back to me. Anyone else still looking for a partner?

Cool! I found your Twitter and followed you, follow me back @trelemar and I'll shoot you a DM and get some ideas going.

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I know it's a little short notice but alot more could get done in 72 hours with 2 people. If you wanna do the art I can do the code. Let me know if your interested ASAP! This will be my first jam.

Im pretty sure you need the tic-bundler. It's a separate program.

After searching the web for some time, it seems that "data/data" folder on Android requires root to view and modify files from outside the app. Maybe TIC's read/write directory should be "/Android/data/com.nesbox.tic".

It doesn't seem to exist. I can search with any file manager and the folder "com.nesbox.tic" does not exist. If I go into "Android/data/" where all my other apps data is it is not in there as well. It's weird because if I save a cart then search for it in my file manager I can't find it. But I can load the cart again so I know they're saving somewhere.

Android Directory? Sorry can't find it.