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Any Artist want to collaborate with me for the jam?

A topic by trelemar created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 322 Replies: 5
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I know it's a little short notice but alot more could get done in 72 hours with 2 people. If you wanna do the art I can do the code. Let me know if your interested ASAP! This will be my first jam.

Hi, I'm hoping to work on art again so I'd be happy to join your jam. I have a few samples of things from here and there on my site. I need to get around to organzing it at some point but if you need an artist and can't find anyone I'm happy to help. Here are samples of my work


Cool! I found your Twitter and followed you, follow me back @trelemar and I'll shoot you a DM and get some ideas going.

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Well softsound never got back to me. Anyone else still looking for a partner?

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Sorry, didn't notice the follow until this morning before work. Followed you back on twitter.

Still trying to get back to ya.


Scrap this I'm going solo.