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I know what u mean. I still feel 160x128 would be more fun to work with though.

There are some great games on PICO-8, I mean serious works of art! True gems! I just want them to fill the screen. 128x128 is not even 4:3 aspect, it looks very strange, even if you love old square screens, it still seems too narrow. These incredible games would just be even better with a few more pixels to work with. Tic seems to have gone with a 16:10 aspect ratio? and is the most powerful of the 3. LIKO-12 has just what I always wanted, except all of the PICO-8 games need to be ported, and there is almost no community yet.

Anyway, it depends what you want to make. Tic has a nice amount of room to work with. Things like a mouse cursor and OS development would work well with it.