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Really sorry but this has been offline for quite some time. Not sure if I could even find the code for the server now, I should probably delist this

This game is better than any game that has ever been the best before.

 You should be so proud, these are genuinely masterpieces. I'm looking forward to Betrayal at Club Low!

I played this game nearly two years ago, after playing Norwood Suite first. Afterwards, I played Tales From Off-Peak City Volume 1. No game has ever made me feel the way these games have, the atmosphere and sound design is so amazing. I come back so often to play these, to soak up the environments, because it is so calming to me. I wish I could experience the maps in virtual reality. Thank you for making these games, they've really helped me.

 Honestly a next level gaming experience, comparable to Half Life Alyx; Jon does it again.

The "I'm sorry." made me laugh a lot more than it should've.

It is added! You can now either press Q in game, and assuming you're not editing a field, it will open a menu where you can reset the game, OR if you're at the end page, you can just click where it says reset. Thank you! :D

I will add a reset feature tonight, thank you for playing :)

I really appreciate it man! Thank you! :D should be contain the link that you need to access to progress, I really appreciate your words! I want to make something proper in the future, hopefully with a story. Thank you for playing it

Haha! Thank you! The Discord link is fixed now, you can go back or honestly just use the link here

Thank you! This means a lot to me :D

Copy the image and paste it into the game, if it doesn't work, try refreshing the game or opening it directly:)

Thank you :)! First broken link on the chatrooms should be intentional, the characters in the chatroom should comment on it, telling you to just keep scrolling through the chatrooms until you find something

Thank you! :)

Haha the music was a last minute choice, try now, there's a reset button

Try now, there is a reset button for you

Ahhh no the link is supposed to work, I've updated it but here it is ! Thank you for playing, sorry for the issues

No no the game is finished in its current state haha, I just wish I was able to do more but you are able to complete it! Let me know if you face any issues!

Wait what's the issue?

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I do actually have plans to expand/make more games in this style-- maybe the controls will be easier though... Thanks for playing! I'll check yours out soon :)

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Walking forward directly in front of you should get rid of it, are you having trouble moving?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I plan on working on skyboxes for the update after rating is over! I also plan on making more games within the same storyline/plot! Thanks for playing! :D

This is unintentional and I shall try and fix it for the update after rating is over. Thanks for playing! :D

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm working on some updates at the moment to make the experience smoother and easier, despite obviously still being "out of control". These updates will be published when rating is over. I also plan on making more games within the same storyline and plot, so you can expect more! Thank you for playing! :) Give me a message on Discord, "The Jamie#0001"

Thank you for playing, I'll give you the honourable mention when we're there haha!

Thanks for playing! :) I started working on skyboxes near the end but ran out of time, I'm already working on an update for when rating is over. I really wish I could've made it longer but I was on the time crunch haha. I plan on making more games within this universe/story line, hopefully a lot more polished and wish unique features.  I'm really glad you enjoyed it 

Thank you for playing! I'm not great at art as it probably shows, in the future I hope to improve!

Definitely woke up my neighbours, a really fun experience!

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Are you pressing the right keys?
edit: we sorted this over discord

Thanks for say so! Sorry that it was a little confusing; I tried to make the tutorial level to try and teach the player their bearings, but I understand how it could be a little confusing. I should have put more clarification on whether it were a platformer or a top down game too. Thank you for playing :)

Hands down TIC-80. I've been using it for ages and it's the easiest option here, I really REALLY recommend it to anybody new here

Thank you! =)

Only 35 lines of code, I'm impressed!

So what engine is this? Or is it pure html coded?