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Thanks for say so! Sorry that it was a little confusing; I tried to make the tutorial level to try and teach the player their bearings, but I understand how it could be a little confusing. I should have put more clarification on whether it were a platformer or a top down game too. Thank you for playing :)

Hands down TIC-80. I've been using it for ages and it's the easiest option here, I really REALLY recommend it to anybody new here

Thank you! =)

Only 35 lines of code, I'm impressed!

So what engine is this? Or is it pure html coded?

I'm wondering if TIC-80 is allowed for commercial use. I'll explain, I want to make something on Fiverr, where people can buy a gig and I will write a message and play a song for about five dollars. Is this allowed? I understand if it isn't. Thank you.


Yeah... you can forget about me. Haha, I'm not that good. I'll make my own game. Good luck :)

Would the profit share be 50/50?

I'll probably be using Fusion 2.5 then

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what is your recommended game engine to use?

This is awesome! What was it made with?

Games for Twine Tuesday must be made for and only for the jam. Stop spamming this in every jam.

Got confused but now I get it. Clever

I started using that about 4 days ago, it was much quicker than LOVE :D

Aye, I'm making mine in Twine as well.

If you want to make a simple game, try out Twine. It is very easy and requires no programming skills at all. :)

Thank god I'm not the only one doing a visual novel

Anybody got any ideas for a name, my game is about a psycho girl who likes you but you don't like you. Something bad happens at the end, no spoilers apart from that. I have no idea for a name, if you can help me out that would be great thanks.

What will you be making your game with?

Trust me, is not that difficult. I'm making an 8 bit visual novel. Sounds bloody brilliant. (sarcasm)

Maybe, I still use it though. It's being developed by the week

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If you can't be bothered to pay for Pico8, then try out TIC, it is essentially the same thing, slightly different, but not much.

Yeah, I just saw that, confused me! What happens at the end of the jam?

Hell yeah!

Scary nightmare! Good game though, I'm working on mine :3

Looks great!

Pretty neat!

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44% - F, I did well ;) Great game by the way! What engine is this?

Oh, I saw this earlier today! I left a comment as you see :). Thanks mate, I'll have a look

Is it possible to make it so if two items touch, something will happen?

Perfect, thanks mate

This is cool! Good job!


TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Any wait function?

How can my game wait or sleep for an amount of time?

You're gonna need to learn how to script in Lua first. Here's the website: It has everything you need to know, you will need to learn TICs functions, most stuff in PICO8 should work in this, here's the PICO8 cheat sheet: . I learnt most my Lua through LOVE2D, perhaps you should give that a try first?