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Awesome game. Sometimes I wished I could use a button to skip a turn without moving, just like I use to do in roguelikes with the 5-Key on my numeric keypad.

Great game. However if can give you a suggestion, IMHO when for example the blue tank shoots the red tank and the red tank explodes, you should provide a temporary barrier to the red tank (something that could last for 5 to 10 seconds) giving time to the red tank to escape or to rotate in order to take the aim, because otherwise the blue tank could continue to shoot the red tank and get points over points.


Is it still possible to pre-order the printed edition of this book?

Thank you

And I just pledged another 20$ :-)

Have you already seen this tutorial about how to make a simple platformer with TIC-80 ?

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I really like TIC-80 and I'd like to support your efforts in some way; since I can't help you directly by coding I'd rather prefer to send you a small donation. For this reason I just bought TIC Bundler and added an extra 20$; More or less it's the same amount I paid for purchasing Pico-8 last year, I know that is not very much and I'd like to be able to do more because your program might be free but your personal time spent on developing isn't.

Have you ever considered to open up an account on a crowdfunding site like ?

With an account anybody could send you a recurring donation, even just 1 or 2 dollars per month. It doesn't seems a lot of money, but if you can manage to collect 50-100 donators maybe you could collect at least 100-200$ per month. I'm already a (very small) donator for LibRetro (the multi-system computer & console emulator) and Thorbjørn Lindeijer (author of "Tiled", an open-source tile map editor).

Your time spent on developing TIC-80 is precious, it's so promising and I'm really looking forward seeing many new features implemented and my biggest fear is that someday you might run out of interest and abandon it; and of course IMHO you deserve to get something in exchange for your hard work.

Thank you and best regards