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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I just wanted to drop a comment saying that I liked this game quite a bit, so much so that I played until I got what I believe to be the maximum possible score of 27.5k (achieved with max-stability v2 pun-based features). Great game!

do-do-do-do do, do, do-do-do-do do, do, do-do-do-d-- game over. begin! do-do-do-do do, do...

Completed this game ages ago, but I keep coming back just because the game's so darn fun and the music's so good.

Incredibly interesting and well worth $5. Everything feels kinda disconnected and weird for a long while (in an engaging "I need to learn wtf is going on" way), but it wraps up in a very satisfying conclusion.

I wish there was some community hub I could go to discuss the story with others, but I imagine ESC is too small a phenomenon to really have such a thing, which is a shame.

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Seems to still work fine for me using that Chrome version?

Edit: Though yeah, I think I'll still try and get around to releasing the .tic file anyway.


One reason keys may be permanently pressed may be if you're holding them down when you unfocus the window, that is sometimes an issue on some platforms.

Just skimmed through it and wondering, what's the purpose of "and true or false"?

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Game crashes whenever I try to export (for all of "export", "export html", and "export native"). Linux 64-bit executable version. No error remark, just silently closes after flashing the screen where you'd select where to save the export.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Versions

So um, you just jumped from 0.0.13 to 0.14.0? That's going to mess with me quite a bit xD

Okay, all back to normal, next Treix version is mostly complete and will be out soon, and perhaps a prototype of another TIC game I was working on. (a turn-based adventure/puzzle game)

Yes, 2-player and War Games mode would be nice!

Do you already know how to program in some other language? If you do, then just do dir and load the demos and you can look at their code to learn the language, like I did. It's lua script. The API functions and their arguments are on the TIC main page, and the ones that have -> are the ones with return values. If you look in the changelog you can probably figure out what most of them do.

If you don't know how to program, then... <reasonably detailed explanation will be given if this is the case>

Oh, and another one that I'm just encountering the need for, the ability to scroll in the command line.

It's just a nice thing to have to get FPS, it's not a priority suggestion of mine shrug

Going to use this thread as a general feedback/suggestion thread:

My newest suggestions are:

- Tab autocomplete in command line

- Middle-click color select in sprite editor

- Allow right-click-drag movement while using find function in code editor (sometimes the automatic framing doesn't really show you the context well, if you have long lines)

- Add asterisk after filename in window title if there are changes to be saved

- Method to get time / date (os.time doesn't work)

- Brush size in map editor

Ah, okay, thanks!

Oh, and in relation to Quest for Glory, my one suggestion is tuning down the character speed a bit so that navigation around dangers is a bit easier.

Something else, my system is being wiped today as I reinstall my OS. Because I accidentally reformatted it. TIC is doing just fine :)

Delay on v0.5 for technical reasons.

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Ah, okay. What else have you done that makes you such a good pixel artist?

Am I permitted to use your sprites or similar art in some of my own TIC games, with prominent credit? / Would you be interested in co-developing a TIC game as the sprite artist?

I can hardly believe my eyes that the pixel art is so good...

Cool! How long did it take for you to make?

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Ah, I mean if you're running the itch client and click the "Install" button on a page with an HTML export. It just downloads the index.html and runs it when you click launch. I can't remember if local storage works in such a case.*

Now would be a good time for me to ask if there's an export for a Linux executable?

*Edit: Just tested, actually it does work. At least in Chrome browser, perhaps not in the itch browser. I'll test that now...

...aaand nope, it doesn't work in itch browser.

Did a little experimentation, found out that it does not occur in the web version, but only in the executable version I'm using (for Linux). It happens after you trace() a string that exceeds that limit, and doesn't seem to end until TIC is restarted. Here's a screenshot.

Are you aware of how characters shift up a row after the 32nd character on the command line, by the way?

Updated my test, it works 100% for web version of HTML export now, and persists within the session of installed HTML. Though I suppose local storage doesn't really work in "installed" HTML anyway (but if you found a way that'd be great :P). I work on Linux so I can't test Windows executable easily.

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The new pmem() works just fine for preserving values within a single session if you exit the program within TIC, but it doesn't persist through closing TIC itself (a test, tell me if I did something wrong). Is that a bug or intended, and if latter, will truly persistent memory (through HTML local storage and files on system?) come about? A player of an export presumably has no need / no knowledge how to restart the program anyway.

Love the other new stuff though!

(Edit: It appears not to work in the HTML export at all)

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Retro Shooter

I made a game, v0.03. Woo :P. In active development.

It would be nice if esc and F1-F5 didn't give you access to the code and whatnot in exports... there's no way for me to hide my area codes... and my code is embarassingly novice and ugly, so I'll probably re-code it all come v1.00.