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Ah, I mean if you're running the itch client and click the "Install" button on a page with an HTML export. It just downloads the index.html and runs it when you click launch. I can't remember if local storage works in such a case.*

Now would be a good time for me to ask if there's an export for a Linux executable?

*Edit: Just tested, actually it does work. At least in Chrome browser, perhaps not in the itch browser. I'll test that now...

...aaand nope, it doesn't work in itch browser.

It's a pity, seems to itch client browser works like 'in private' mode

As for Linux exec export it's easy to implement I think, will try to add it in 0.0.11


The lack of persistent local data for HTML5 games in the itch app is a known issue:

It derives from the fact that the game is served from a random http port every time it starts up (for example: http://localhost:23982) - it actually does save data, but the next time you start it, it won't load up the correct data.

The fix for that is probably to switch to a custom protocol (non-http), although that may cause other issues down the line. We're aware of the issue though, so there's hope!