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Roguelike game: Quest for Glory

A topic by deck created Dec 04, 2016 Views: 913 Replies: 9
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just finished my game, Quest for Glory, a roguelike. Let me know what you think!

Quest for Glory

Super fun! Hard and intriguing. Keep on develop!


I really liked the game, it was very interesting to play and learn you code.

I feel you are skilled game developer. Thank you for your work.

Only a passionate. Thanks to you for TIC!

I can hardly believe my eyes that the pixel art is so good...


Deck, I included your game to TIC 0.14.0 as example if you don't mind.


Go ahead, I appreciate it!


Well seeing as I have 3 game creators in the same thread I might aswell go ahead and say that I have been really enjoying all of your games.

Simon to Quest for Glory and of course Triex.

They are all fantastic in their own rights and really inspires me to try my hand at my own game.

I hope to see more releases from all of you soon (and of course, updates you make to your current releases, keep an eye out for a payment in the near future to any of you 3 that have it available, I feel you all deserve it).

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Thank you, comments like yours keep me motivated to go on developing games. In the last weeks I haven't been very active in tic community because I'm really busy at work and with other projects, anyway I'm currently slowly developing another game with tic, hope I can release it soon

Thanks, ready to play your games here on itch.

I saw the WIP by Deck and it worth, but don't make us wait too long ;)