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Nice concept and well done mechanics and level design, especially the final level, it took me a while to finish it :)

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Done the repo, the dropbox link has been removed

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you are right! I don't want to do an itch page only for this tool but I'm planning to create a repo, maybe also publish the compression software code that at the moment sucks. I'm sorry but you have to be patient for the moment :)

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic LZW image render
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for my current project, I ran in need of rendering an huge image into the screen. So I have realized an algorithm that convert and compress an image in a string, then I wrote in TIC a decompression function which allows me to load and render the desired image.
I don't know when I can release the game, but I think that this functionality could be useful regardless of the game I'm currently developing, so I share it with TIC community, hope that it can be useful to someone

Edit: removed Dropbox link, moved the files in

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Thank you, comments like yours keep me motivated to go on developing games. In the last weeks I haven't been very active in tic community because I'm really busy at work and with other projects, anyway I'm currently slowly developing another game with tic, hope I can release it soon

Go ahead, I appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Hi, neither I knew how to use lua when I started to develop the game. First at all, you need to know at least one programming language (better if object oriented). Then, I suggest you to study from here:

these are the things that I've done before start. Of course, for the rest you need to try by yourself, so start with some basic stuff like render a sprite, move into the screen, etc.

Every time you get stuck use google to get some help. That's all :)

If you want, I've created a collision class in quest for glory. It works only with the map cells however, not with dinamic sprites

hi, if you go in the TIC page you can find the API, there's no documentation but I think that it is enough intuitive. The rest of the code is pure Lua with use of closures to get a sort of OOP. Take a look at my code, it's completely open and documented

Really a cool effect! Good job!

I've looked other people that make pixel art and tried by myself :)
Do whatever you want with sprites, but I'm sorry I'm primarily a programmer and I don't like very much to do only the art part

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Hi, I didn't keep track of developing time, but more or less 20 hours I think

Only a passionate. Thanks to you for TIC!


just finished my game, Quest for Glory, a roguelike. Let me know what you think!

Quest for Glory

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Open source

One question: have you considered to release the sources sooner or later? By the way, really a nice idea and great work!