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tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games · By Nesbox

LZW image render

A topic by deck created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 597 Replies: 9
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for my current project, I ran in need of rendering an huge image into the screen. So I have realized an algorithm that convert and compress an image in a string, then I wrote in TIC a decompression function which allows me to load and render the desired image.
I don't know when I can release the game, but I think that this functionality could be useful regardless of the game I'm currently developing, so I share it with TIC community, hope that it can be useful to someone

Edit: removed Dropbox link, moved the files in


Great job @deck! Can't wait to see your game finally playable.

You should really consider to public a page with the tools here on itch.io.

Wow! Mr Deck. I'm Impressed! This is the kind of tool that can releave the pain of make a nice cutscene into a game.


I'm totally amazed, thank you for the tool and waiting for the new game (especially after Quest for Glory) ...


This is slick, and something I definitely want to look into later! Thanks!

Along those lines, dropbox links always make me a bit nervous, since they can disappear at any time. So, FYI to my future self and others, I've captured the dropbox zip as a self-extracting bash script here: https://gist.github.com/jcward/f48a7b6d3e00241baa2...

You should totally make your example code into a git repo when you have time! :)

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you are right! I don't want to do an itch page only for this tool but I'm planning to create a repo, maybe also publish the compression software code that at the moment sucks. I'm sorry but you have to be patient for the moment :)

Awesome, patiently looking forward to it! :)

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Done the repo, the dropbox link has been removed


Well done. Wellcome to github