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A member registered Jan 28, 2017

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Well seeing as I have 3 game creators in the same thread I might aswell go ahead and say that I have been really enjoying all of your games.

Simon to Quest for Glory and of course Triex.

They are all fantastic in their own rights and really inspires me to try my hand at my own game.

I hope to see more releases from all of you soon (and of course, updates you make to your current releases, keep an eye out for a payment in the near future to any of you 3 that have it available, I feel you all deserve it).

Love what you've done with this game and it really inspired me. Was wondering if I was able to put this into my directory to play locally when I dont have internet available. (saving and then using the get command doesnt seem to be working) Also you better watch out, I'm coming for those leaderboards :)

I appreciate the fast response, this was a huge help.

I just wanted to say how much I love TIC, and appreciate the work you've put into it, I can see from other threads that your dedicated and I find it quite admirable.

While I have a topic open, I was a bit curious about how the btn command works, specifically which btn(#) pertains to which key.

(I am very new to LUA so I apologize if this is a constant within the language, Im still reading in on how the language works.)

I will be sure to try to contribute to the ever growing collection of TIC made games once I learn the language more, create, and then thoroughly test my current project.

Thank you in advance,

and again, really love what your acomplishing here.