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Fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games. · By Nesbox


A topic by Ratinod created Nov 13, 2016 Views: 1,656 Replies: 19
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- Documentation (show CODE API)

- command to transfer saved .tic files from previous versions TIC in the new one.


- How about adding the option of rotation the sprites (0,90,180,270 degrees)? This can save a lot of space for the sprites.

sprid x y [colorkey [scale [flip[rotate]]]]-- rotate 0,1,2,3

- Option to change the sprite palette. (For example: multiple use of the same sprite to designate enemies of varying strength; "blinking")


- Add the ability to move the code by pressing the right mouse button. (Like in Map Editor)


- Ability to configure the control buttons

Android version:

Need some settings:

- Enable/Disable the gyroscope

- Adjusting the position of the control buttons

- Change the size of buttons

- Change buttons transparency

- Enable/Disable screen rotation (portrait / landscape mode / auto)

Sprite Editor:

- In the Android version you can't copy/paste/delete/cut sprites

Map Editor:

- You can't move the map (right mouse button on the PC). I suggest to use the "double touch and movement" for this. (Yes, I saw the "eye", where you can select the area of the map, but it is still required)


- Add the ability to move the code by "double touch and movement ".

Sfx Editor:

- There is considerable delay sound playing (later starts and ends later)


- touch controls possibility for android (mouse control for PC) (?)

P. S. Thank you for the development of this wonderful application!

P. S.S. I apologize for any linguistic (and other) mistakes in the text.


  • "Documentation (show CODE API)" - going to add MAN command
  • "command to transfer saved .tic files from previous versions TIC in the new one." - here you can use ADD/GET commands, going to make carts portable when API will be more stable
  • "How about adding the option of rotation the sprites..." - great, will add
  • "Option to change the sprite palette..." - can add new param to spr() with remapped palette or smth else, how do you see it?
  • "Add the ability to move the code by pressing the right mouse button" - you can use scroll here, not sure, pls explain
  • "Ability to configure the control buttons" - will add

Android version:

  • "Enable/Disable the gyroscope" - don't have device with gyro, will try to disable it
  • "Adjusting the position of the control buttons, change the size of buttons, transparency" - will add smth
  • "Enable/Disable screen rotation (portrait / landscape mode / auto)" - ok
  • "In the Android version you can't copy/paste/delete/cut sprites" - will fix
  • "You can't move the map" - will fix
  • "Add the ability to move the code by "double touch and movement". - ok
  • "There is considerable delay sound playing (later starts and ends later)" - yes, saw the bug, will fix
  • "touch controls possibility for android" - pls explain

Thanks for the useful suggestions, it helps me make the TIC better

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"Add the ability to move the code by pressing the right mouse button" – visual demonstration: (alternative )

"Option to change the sprite palette..." - Frankly, I don't know how it should look. However, there are several options:

  • "Universal ": We have 16 colors, so we have(if I'm not mistaken) Fact (16) = 20,922,789,888,000 combinations palette changes.
    • sprid x y [colorkey [scale [flip[rotate[pal]]]]] - -pal = 0 – 20922789887999
    • Pros: Most obvious way
    • Cons: it's not intuitive. And it is too difficult to use. And in the sprites are very rarely used all 16 colors (and therefore many combinations are meaningless) ...
  • "Specific ": Adding a function to specify what color you need to replace.
    • palChange(colorID,newColorID)
    • Pros: Most understandable way.
    • Cons: If the sprite is used a lot of colors we need a lot of calls palChange (x, y).
  • "Tricky ": We have 16 colors. But one sprite often uses only 2-3.
    • sprid x y [colorkey [scale [flip[rotate[pal]]]]] - -pal = 0 – (x-1) where x – the total number of possible combinations. (x = 16! / (16-colInSpr)! ). That is, if the sprite consists of 1 color (meaning 2, but 1 of them transparent, on which the palette of color change does not affect), then you need to specify the value range 0-15. 2 colors: 0-239; 3 colors: 0-3359 ...
    • Pros: The most convenient way for sprites using a small amount of color.
    • Cons: Probably, it is difficult to implement in practice. The more colors used in the sprite, the harder it is to find the right "number".
  • "Other": Another way, to which I had not thought of.

"touch controls possibility for android" – This is just an idea for the future. Interact with the game using touch, swipe, etc.

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I found a bug in the android version. In the Android mget doesn't work correctly.

TIC file for identify error (It works on windows but it doesn't work correctly on android):



I've reproduced the bug. Will try to fix soon.

Thanks for the report.

Developer (1 edit)

I've fixed the mget bug and uploaded hotfix to the

The problem was in LUA library I built it incorrectly for Android.

Also I disabled gyroscope in Android by default.


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Glad I could help in the improvement of this wonderful program. (Even if it's just an suggestion, or report) :)

Can you add a keyboard for the Android version?


sorry, what keyboard do you mean? pls give me more details. thanks

Going to use this thread as a general feedback/suggestion thread:

My newest suggestions are:

- Tab autocomplete in command line

- Middle-click color select in sprite editor

- Allow right-click-drag movement while using find function in code editor (sometimes the automatic framing doesn't really show you the context well, if you have long lines)

- Add asterisk after filename in window title if there are changes to be saved

- Method to get time / date (os.time doesn't work)

- Brush size in map editor


Thanks, added the suggestions to the tasks list.

Not sure about method to get time, why do you need it?

It's just a nice thing to have to get FPS, it's not a priority suggestion of mine shrug

Oh, and another one that I'm just encountering the need for, the ability to scroll in the command line.


will do

Some suggestions:

1) sprite-to-sprite collision detection - It would be very helpful especially in games like bullet hells.

2) Debug mode - Probably won't happen, but  it would be SUPER helpful if there was a debug mode, where you can slow down the game and see the code so you know what causes problems.

3) User Profiles - On the website, it would be cool if we could see user profiles and see what games they have made, so if you like one game that person made, you don't have to search through the list.

4) Game searching -  It would be a lot easier to find games you want if you could search for games by their name, or sort them by a tag they can choose, or both!

5) A thing - kind of minor, but maybe move the default map position up a few pixels so we can see the top row.


added to github

thank you

The new eval command could be helpful for the kinds of things you'd use a debug mode for. Hit esc; run `eval trace(player.status)` or even use eval to replace the definition of a function and then `resume` to see what effect it has.

I'm not very good with the technical parts of lua and I couldn't find anything about the eval command. How do you use it exactly?

Basically any code that would be valid to type in the code editor, you can type in the eval command. For instance: eval trace(table.concat({"a", "b", "c"}))

It's very useful for inspecting the state of your variables or calling functions after running your game and hitting ESC.

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Make functions collapsible in the code editor like Notepad++

This would be really great because I like using the built in code editor. I think using an external text editor defeats the spirit of what we are trying to do here with these "fantasy consoles". 

An external text editor is pretty much required for Pico-8 and it tries to get around this with it's tab system and that's all fine & good, but I think that having collapsible functions + the wider work area & smaller font that Tic-80 has would be even better.