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Some suggestions:

1) sprite-to-sprite collision detection - It would be very helpful especially in games like bullet hells.

2) Debug mode - Probably won't happen, but  it would be SUPER helpful if there was a debug mode, where you can slow down the game and see the code so you know what causes problems.

3) User Profiles - On the website, it would be cool if we could see user profiles and see what games they have made, so if you like one game that person made, you don't have to search through the list.

4) Game searching -  It would be a lot easier to find games you want if you could search for games by their name, or sort them by a tag they can choose, or both!

5) A thing - kind of minor, but maybe move the default map position up a few pixels so we can see the top row.

added to github

thank you

The new eval command could be helpful for the kinds of things you'd use a debug mode for. Hit esc; run `eval trace(player.status)` or even use eval to replace the definition of a function and then `resume` to see what effect it has.

I'm not very good with the technical parts of lua and I couldn't find anything about the eval command. How do you use it exactly?

Basically any code that would be valid to type in the code editor, you can type in the eval command. For instance: eval trace(table.concat({"a", "b", "c"}))

It's very useful for inspecting the state of your variables or calling functions after running your game and hitting ESC.