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I just published a 14-minute introductory tutorial video for anyone who wants to see what it’s like to code pong in Fennel on TIC-80:

It’s pretty rough since I don’t have a lot of experience doing video, but maybe some folks will find it interesting!

Great job for a first jam! Had a really ominous feeling to it; the howling wind was a nice touch.

Jek is usually in the forest. If you hit tab, you can see all the names sorted by Y value so if he’s above your name in the list, search up, otherwise search downwards.

Thanks. I tried the updated version and it works better but still has some problems. When I downloaded it, it complained that it was missing the .pck file. Because I had downloaded the windows version previously, I knew that the .pck file was found there, so I extracted that into the same directory. Then when I ran it, it said that the .pck file had to have the same name as the executable (without the extension) so I renamed it to match. Then it was able to launch, but it crashed because it required a newer OpenGL version than I had on my machine.

So anyway, if you fix it so that the Linux version is a tarball or zip that contains the correctly-named appimage along with the .pck file, then it will probably work on other peoples’ machines if they have a newer graphics card than I do.

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Thanks but it looks like the zip file still just contains an .exe and a .pck data file, so it will only work on Windows. edit: you should probably remove the marker indicating that it’s compatible with Mac and Linux on the .exe download.

Looks like fun but unfortunately I can’t play it as it’s Windows only. Any chance you could upload builds for other OSes?

Unfortunately when I try to run this it just exits when I press 1 for “start game”; any ideas what’s up?

Thanks for posting the build. When I run it, I get a warning that it’s “forcing OpenGL 2.1 context (3.3 requested)” but it launches. However, the “play” button does not seem to have any effect.

This might be the most fun TIC game I’ve ever played; great job on the visuals especially!

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Oh man! I knew it was possible to teleport out of bounds because my kids did this during play testing, but they had to work pretty hard at it (like twenty teleports in quick succession) to get off the map, so I didn’t think it would be possible to trigger by accident. Well, hope it didn’t mess up your experience too much. Nice job finding how to get back!

Edit: this bug has been fixed!

Definitely hop on #fennel on Freenode IRC if you do give it a try.

We’re hoping to release a “special edition” later with a couple more bugs squashed and a few extra features, so thanks for the heads up.

Naming the cats adds a lot–especially when I saw that one of them was Sunsun. Love the continuity.

Thanks; that did the trick–didn’t realize it had to be run from inside the bin dir, but now it launches!

Saving happens automatically when you quit; you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Thanks! The music is by Matthew Pablo: I feel like the song change as you approach the final boss encounter might be my favorite thing in the game. =)

Gotta give some bonus points for the evocative description and the fact that it’s based on a dream!

Looking forward to seeing if you take this further after the jam!

Nice work! Simple but surprisingly engaging. Good choice of soundtrack.

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I’m trying to run this, but I get an error launching:

fatal error encountered in SBCL pid 13264(tid 0x7fb087b0c280): Can’t find core file relative to bin/

Any ideas what I could do to fix that? I’m trying it on Fedora 29.

When I try it on another machine (Debian 9) I get “failed to open ‘maps/map.tmx’” since that file does not appear to be in the tarball.

Mine are made with byzanz:

But I know TIC-80 has built-in gif recording which is pretty handy.

Wow! Very slick. I always like to put on old demoscene videos in the background when I really want to get down to some serious hacking.

How about a thread to share some shots of work-in-progress games?

Here’s a weird lil bug where a ton of characters all spawn from the same point.

Ah, yes I see how that would simplify things. I thought about doing this, but I figured it would be a shame if people couldn’t press ESC to see the real code behind the game within TIC after they finished playing to hack around with it. But it does let you use the features from the newest version without any hassle.

Yeah, this is what I did for my game last year. Whenever you get an error you have to look at the combined output to figure out which function it happened in, then try to correlate that to which file in the split files contains that function. I found that this was a bit of a headache once we got to over a thousand lines, and I wished that we had just used a single file for the whole thing. In most Fennel projects you can use the module system to split up the files, but TIC doesn’t let you do that for minimalism reasons.

Also one other gotcha is that the latest master version of TIC uses Fennel 0.3.0 while the stable builds use Fennel 0.1.0, so unless you build from source, you won’t have access to the latest Fennel features; this could be potentially rather confusing. The documentation from here may be useful:

This is cool; thanks.

One thing I might suggest having done a TIC game for a jam before is to avoid splitting it into separate source files, because that makes it so that the line numbers are incorrect. It’s a bit nicer for organization but a lot more confusing for debugging, so I wished that I hadn’t done it for my game.

Thanks Alex!

Another great library if you use loved2 (either Fennel or Urn) is Simple Tiled Implementation; it makes it really easy to use maps from Tiled ( and it integrates with Bump for collision detection:

I tried running the expression given in the readme in sbcl and it failed; I think the problem was it requires installing the ql package manually? Or maybe it needs a different CL implementation? It wasn’t clear from the instructions.

Great use of low-res sprites, and a good challenge. I'm curious what you used to make the art.

Very cute! The graphics are cohesive with a great choice of colors. I couldn't tell why SunSun would walk by the full food bowl when she was very hungry tho.

Thanks, unfortunately it needs a newer glibc version or something: ./bulletwar: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by ./bulletwar)

Any chance we could get a binary for Linux? I can't figure out how to run from source.

Having some trouble building; I've installed raylib from source on Debian Stretch but I get these build errors:

Maybe there are some other dependencies that didn't get mentioned?

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Tried to play this but even though I have libsdl2 installed it still says

Unable to load any of the alternatives:
   ("" "" "libSDL2")

(This is debian stretch. Other games that use libsdl2 such as "price-of-coffee" work fine.)

I noticed that one (HIM) was submitted to every single game jam that's currently open, so I think the odds are pretty good that it was not written in lisp.

Uh oh; I missed that requirement somehow and only included a hyperlink to the source rather than a tarball.

Hopefully this can get reinstated.

Looks good! You should add some screenshots to the itch page for your game.

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I've mostly been sharing my progress on the fediverse and a bit on IRC but I thought I'd post a few screenshots here.

Anyone else got some to share?

Yes; made with Love2D and Fennel, just like most of my previous jam entries.

I did; much appreciated.

Thanks! Got the shirt and it looks great.