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Wanna be in the credits?

A topic by Nekomatata created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 1,105 Replies: 38
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Developer (3 edits)

The first 100 gamers to play Thirteen & Half Cats and comment here will be credited as an supporter in the game! We'll add the names (itch handles) once we hit 100 different gamers in this thread so be sure to share your experience!

Your play-throughs really matter to us and they keep us doing what we do.

Thank you,
~Team Nekomatata

Hi, I leave you a comment, for this one, the maximum score (stars) is mandatory ^^



I'm sorry if this isn't the best way to ask, but I'm new to the website, basically came here to download 13 and a half cats. However, when I downloaded it for windows it didn't work correctly? Since it was a zipped file, I had to 'extract all' before i could run it and when i did it looked normal. When i pressed the space bar to begin the graphics looked overlapped and i couldn't see what was happening. Other than that i could still walk around and there was dialogue/music. Re-downloaded it same thing happened, just wondering if i'm doing something wrong. Thank-you.


Hi! Sorry for such a late reply. Can you send us a screenshot, and if you're up for it let us know if you're using Mac / Windows  or Linux?

Thanks for sharing this with us, you may not be the only person with this problem!

I'm using windows, and everything works fine the graphics just look messed up. It could be the setting I put it on.


Hey again MelonKitty, are you using 32bit windows or 64bit?
Also if you have a moment, can you go into the unzipped game folder and send us the information in the [ ThirteenAndHalfCats/ThirteenAndHalfCats_Data/output_log.txt ]

This may help us to uncover the problem.
Also, it's annoying, but the data may be corrupt. Maybe downloading and reinstalling the game will help. You know, the old "Turn it off and turn it back on again" lol.
Thanks for your patience!

I used my newer laptop to try and play the game, and everything ran smoothly. It was quite an enjoyable game with a great plot! If you'd still like information on the old computer, I'm happy to share, but I did get it working (on a newer version of windows).


I'm so happy to hear that! Phew! And thank you for not giving up on playing. I'm glad that you had a good experience.

If you know what version of Windows you have on your older computer that would be helpful for us. We may be able to find the reason, or help others in the future by knowing your previous Windows version.

In other news we have a functioning mobile version, so in the near future, people will have even more options to play.

The old computer I was using had windows 7 with a 64 bit. Thanks for listening and trying to help out! Can't wait to get the mobile version of the game!

OMG, I found your game by complete fluke so I decided to give it ago and I have to say that it was absloutely beautiful. I loved the story line, the graphics, the tasks, the audio and I nearly cried at the end (True, seriously)

So here is thirteen & half cats by me, wobblyfootgamer, Yorkshire and proud :)

Thank you for the pleasure of playing this.



I will show this to my daughter (she's 8) tomorrow and let her play it and do a video as well so she can post her thoughts and then she will most likely tell her mates lol.


Oh my! We were so wrapped up in jamming on our next game we totally missed this!
I appreciate this so much! Thank you, and sorry for taking a whole week to reply :]

We're still working on updates ( better clues from the friendly red witch ) and we're almost done with adding support for another language.
I can't wait to watch this video - just wow!

This game was absolutely beautiful. I never expected so much emotion from a 15 minute game. Amazing. Please consider making the soundtrack available for download and/or on YouTube, it really made the game.


For sure CyberTaco! We'll put a soundtrack together for Thirteen & Half Cats when we have a moment. In the meantime, I'll provide a link to the creators on the game page.

Thanks for playing  and sharing :D I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself.


And done! A YouTube soundtrack was added to the page:

Thanks for the great suggestion.

NICE! Thank you! :-)

Um, hi! I loved this game, it was really cute and simple but moving. Thanks for making it <3


Thanks for playing!

Really a sweet little game. I love the color scheme and overall aesthetic. Such a sweet ending too. 


Thanks Bellannemae - we've been traveling around showing it at gameshows recently, so I'm making time to reply to people who have shown us some love. We're happy that you enjoyed it.

Hi, I downloaded this game out of boredom, and because I love cats. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but at the end of the game I was sad it was over. The colors and animations are beyond beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, as well as the story being heartwarming and creative. The cats are also just so cute!

I really would like to see you and this game go far. Playing it was such a fun experience that I loved every second of. I wish that this game had multiple levels, because I could really see this as a platformer game with different levels being different scenes, and different spells being introduced throughout the game. Customizing your character (if there were to be more levels) would be a cool addition too.

Other than that, thank you for this sweet little game. If it's purpose is to stay as a small game, then forget what I said above, but it's great no matter what. Super relaxing!


Thank you so much! It means a lot to us to read nice comments like yours.

We're actually working on an extension for this game right now, with more levels to explore and more characters to meet. You can join our fan list in order to get an update when it's released:

looks like a cool game


Thanks! Let us know what you think after you give it a play.

do i get to 100 names in the credit? :D


Once we hit 100 I'll still credit the first 100 people in this thread as supporters. 
Did you check out the game?

please check it here :D

This was a really nice game, a calming but quick play and the cute cats and art style add bonus points :)


Thank you Smiley!

Oh my goodness!! This was a very sweet game! I played it a second time and I love all the ending hints, like the 3 trees. It was beautiful!

Great game, good music and gfx. 

There are 2 spelling errors in the dutch version like zittne suppose to be zitten and I think another and voreger = vroeger.

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This is good! I like it! It's Interesting because of the cats. Yup! Just because of cats. I'm a cat lover.  LOL. but for real the game is fun because the controls are very smooth, the story was short that's why its easy to understand the concept and finally the most exciting part of the game are the CATS.

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in my youtube channel, I want to share it with my friends.

Keep Up The Good Work!

The game was so good! Wonderful plot, very relaxing with just enough story to pique a player's interest and tug some heartstrings, amazing art style as well. I really loved it.

A perfect game for cat lovers, even though it was short it was really enjoyable and insanely cute  :)

Great game I really look forward to any future games

Literally just finished playing the game and recording it. I LOVED THIS GAME. Short, concise, and had a bit of a story to it. Also it was absolutely adorable and involved cats. I love cats. The art style was really cute and the music was beautiful and relaxing. Definitely gonna recommend and I'll be sure to reply to this to let you know when it's up on my channel!


Here is my play through! 

This was such a neat little game! The color palette was so warm and comforting, and the cats were adorable :)

Absolutely loved this cute gem