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I love the artwork! I wrote about it some in my blog also:


So far so good! I'm smitten with the artwork! I also wrote in more detail about the demo in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.c...


I really enjoyed the game. I hope to see many updates in the future! I'll be sure to let everyone I know to play it! :)

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Hello! I really enjoyed this demo, and I'm sorry to hear it's on hold. I hope you'll be able to finish it! I want to see ho wi tends :)

I wrote about the demo in my blog, along with some other games, here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/04/demos-to-keep-eye-on-5.html

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Interesting! I always love puzzle games that want you ro think outside of the box.

I wrote about the demo a bit in my blog, along with some other games, here: pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/04/demos-to-keep-eye-on-5.html

This game was a unique experience, and I was caught off guard with the ending. Well done!

I also wrote about it in my blog, features with some other games, here:  http://pajamagaming.blogspot.c...

I really enjoyed this game. The ghost is so cute, and the game play mechanics were interesting.

I wrote a little about it in my blog as well, with some other games: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.c...

A cute game! I enjoyed it. I wrote about it a little in my blog here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.c...

Good luck in future games!

I really enjoyed the game, it was in an interesting experience. I wrote about it in my blog also! :)


Hello! I'm enjoying the game so far, I've just started a little while ago. I noticed there are some grammar/spelling errors. I wanted to know if you'd like help fixing them? I'm going to continue playing the game, but if you'd like, you can email me at bellannmae@gmail.com and we can talk about it. Thanks! :)

Here's the blog entry where I featured your game ;)



I really enjoyed what I played so far ^^ The sprites are cute.

I know you said this game is translated from German, and some of the grammar is still not quite right. I can help fix it if you like! :) If you want to send the script to my email address: bellannmae@gmail.com then I can correct the errors and send it right back ^^

I look forward to a full version!

That was really great :) I wish it was longer! The voice acting was spot on too.

No problem :) Happy to help! You can send the script to: bellannmae@gmail.com

I'll happily fix it up a little and send it back ^^

Hello! I'm really enjoying the game so far. The day to day management tasks for Epponnie have such cute little pictures!

I am noticing that there seem to be many grammar mistakes throughout the dialogue. If you'd like, I can fix them for you :) I've done it for a few other games as well from other developers. It really just gives the game a better flow and a nice polish.

Created a new topic Error

I keep getting an error while trying to make my bread for the ducks.

FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Mouse Event for Left Pressed for object dissimilator_obj:

Variable dissimilator_obj.cooking_snd(100292, -2147483648) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_dissimilator_obj_Mouse_4

Then the game crashes. I can't get any further :(

Glad to be of assistance :)

A really cute game that I well enjoyed. :) I especially liked that you could choose an ending with both of the girls~ BFFs

I wrote about it also in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/04/oceanic-hearts-pc.html

Such a sad game, but I still enjoyed it. Made me love my 3 dogs even more. I wrote some more about it in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/browser-games-4.html

Such a cute game! I really liked it. I wrote about it a little bit in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/browser-games-4.html

Very interesting! I really liked the loop mechanic of the game. Took me a few tries to get it just right! I wrote some more about it in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/browser-games-4.html

What a unique and interesting game. Really looking forward to a full release.

I wrote a bit about it in my blog also: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/demos-to-keep-eye-on-4.html

I really enjoyed the prototype! I had a lot of fun. I wrote some more about it in my blog:


An interesting game. I enjoyed trying the different combinations!

I wrote some more about it in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/free-itchio-games-7.html

So cute! I liked the silliness of it all. I wish it was longer!

I wrote about it some more in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/free-itchio-games-7.html

Such a cute game! I love the little Corgi! I wish the game was longer :)

I wrote about it some more in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/free-itchio-games-7.html

I really loved this game, Pluto was always my favorite planet. :) Unique and fun to play. I wrote some more about it in my blog here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/03/plutos-tears-pc.html

I'd be happy to proofread if you can find a translator. :)

Created a new topic Cute!

I really enjoyed the demo. It was cute and a lot of fun. A surprise cliffhanger! I wonder whodunit? :) I look forward to seeing more.

One thing though, in Vanessa's room, there is an area by the eye that Renee drew where you can go from the top level to the bottom level. I don't know if that was intentional or an accident, so I thought I would share.

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I'm really enjoying this game! I just finished my play through with James, and it was so cute and sweet. I'm going to play as Dragon next, I think. The art is beautiful, and the story is well written. Although, I did come across some typos and errors I wanted to share with you--if that is okay. Is there an email I could send a document to? :)

As to why I liked Neil from the beginning--I'm a glutton for punishment! lol No, but I love seeing characters make a change, and indeed Neil seems to be making a change. It's a trope that I'm rather fond of, to show that people can change.

I also had a question... this beta is undoubtedly a visual novel styled game. I looked on your website for promotional things (since I plan on posting about this game in my blog) but the promotional poster seems starkly different than the beta that I played here. So I'm curious as to whether the game has made drastic changes to this point, or whether you plan to stick to the "harvest moon" style game that showed on the promotional poster?

I loved this! THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGH. I almost screamed. I look forward to playing a full version, it looks like it will be really great. I think the clothing aspects like the designing sounds fun. I finished with 5 fierce points and 13 kindness point.

I know it's a WIP so things will change, but the only things I really thought needed improved were the backgrounds (they seem kind of generic and vague) so maybe some more detail would be nice. I also was wondering why there wasn't a sweet little grandma sprite.

I loved the masquerade party, and the twisties. ;p I'm gonna write about the demo in my blog, so I'll come back and link to it when I get it finished, but I am really looking forward to a full version of this game.

Here I'll answer the above questions also:

  • Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil? -Up until the mysterious character was introduced. The clothes gave it away, since MC said she expected him to just be in a diamond cape (or something like that). So the flashy outfit gave him away.
  • Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead? - Yep
  • Do you like or hate Neil's new sprite? -I like it, but purple is my favorite color so I gotta say I miss the purple hair.
  • Did you spot the falling star? -No! :o
  • Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite? -I liked the CGs :) Especially the one when Neil was trying to hide behind his laptop
  • Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone? - yes! Light skin, red hair.
  • Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more? - I don't know. I never DIDN'T like Neil. I guess I like him more, because he was able to open up and express his feelings (even if it was at a masquerade in a cowardly fashion)
  • Do you want to know what happens next? -Uh, YES. Sign me up!

I really like the graphics. It looks like a chalk pastel piece of art. The little cabin with the art in it made me think of a child trying to escape from a bad situation in life. The art there seemed more sad to me. But I really enjoyed what you did with this! I hope to see more sometime :)

I really enjoyed the game. I remember studying Kant in my philosophy class so it was interesting to see his concept put into a game like this. The game is short, and I wish there had been more to it, however I feel it demonstrated Kant's ideas effectively and accomplished what it set out to do.

I did a gameplay video for the game on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/V9kqS-8gnG4

When I click on the cake, there is a dialogue about trying to find out what kind of cake it is, but nothing more. When I click on the books, or try to use the picture on the books, it mentions cookbooks, but no pictures of cake come up when I do that. So it looks like the issue is that I'm not getting the images of cakes from the cookbooks to click on?

Ooh! Yeah I had no idea or I totes would have done that :o

Ooh! Yeah I had no idea or I totes would have done that :o

Ooh! Yeah I had no idea or I totes would have done that :o

Hi :) I really enjoy the game so far. But I have run into an issue. I got the rain, and the dancing show done--but how do I get the cake? When I look at the cookbooks, he says to look at the photo to see the type of cake, but no matter how much I look at the photo, nothing changes. I also tried using the photo on the books, but that did not work either. I assume it involves the candles, but I can't get anything to happen. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?