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This is really cool watabou! Been a huge fan of yours seen I got sucked into Pixel Dungeon, keep doing the good stuffs. As sgcarney said, I would love to see floor plans being added too. You can incrementally add new furnishings/wallpapers/floor styles and whatnot, or just have it be a one-time thing.  I may just use some of these for my own games/artwork.    :D 

this is just as challenging and fun as pixel dungeon! keep it up my dudeee

There was this game called foopets - really life-like cats and doggos. I dont know what happened to it, but a lot was restricted in game because they wanted us to dish out moneys. lemme google it real quick. Yup, still exists. Looks crappier than child-me recalls. Also, it was in real-time so if you didnt log in every day they'd be taken away from you. i guess let this game be an example of what not to do, kek.