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A nice short game that can (intentionally or not) help people with fleshing out OC/character ideas as well! Much appreciated

First run ended up with half of them dead and the rest rescued

Love this, lmao. Simple but can be endless fun

This is sublime! I'm inspired by your style 

I got one of the community copies, and so far I've just peeked through the text so I could read it at a later time when I am more ready. 

I wish I could buy the zine copy, but alas. I think this game is really on another level for people who want to revel in their own thoughts/be mindful, but seek inspiration from an outside source. Definitely a very great game of the lyric game genre!

I haven't been keeping track of all your generators recently but by gosh, these are still so ingenious and convenient for me! I will definitely refer to many of them, including this rune generator in the future! Keep on being awesome Watabou ~

Really beautiful, the essence of a nice soothing journey that makes you think. Fun replayability factor too for me, to see all the ways I could go.

Amazing work!

Absolutely loved this cute gem

Thanks so much watabou! Looking forward to more procgens in the future, love their style and everything :D

Solid update bro, am looking forward to putting in more playtime soon ^u^

hell yeah!! Always love your generators man :D Such a great aesthetic and layout

Hehe nice! ;p

A shame, but I understand completely. Enjoy the time off now! 

It's alright man,  it's good that it's playable on mobile for me at the very least. Would have been a real bummer if that didn't work either.  Its a great game so far :p

sure thing.

Hmm could be. Is it downloadable as an app? If not I would appreciate the alternate link yeah ;p Thanks man

Sure, so I'm using a windows 10 vaio laptop. I tried playing on chrome, in hindsight I should have opened itch on explorer too. 

hey rain! so i downloaded the, and around .2mb left to download when it says failed-forbidden

lol maybe its my laptop, who knows.

dude i cannot download the early version zip, it isnt clickable. it is plain text 

im unable to play this, its just a white screen with the title text and any button i press does nothing :x

This is really cool watabou! Been a huge fan of yours seen I got sucked into Pixel Dungeon, keep doing the good stuffs. As sgcarney said, I would love to see floor plans being added too. You can incrementally add new furnishings/wallpapers/floor styles and whatnot, or just have it be a one-time thing.  I may just use some of these for my own games/artwork.    :D 

this is just as challenging and fun as pixel dungeon! keep it up my dudeee

There was this game called foopets - really life-like cats and doggos. I dont know what happened to it, but a lot was restricted in game because they wanted us to dish out moneys. lemme google it real quick. Yup, still exists. Looks crappier than child-me recalls. Also, it was in real-time so if you didnt log in every day they'd be taken away from you. i guess let this game be an example of what not to do, kek.