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Love how the download button is red, too.

This was really beautiful. Too bad I'm forever alone.

It went from "what the frick" to "Whoa. What the friiiiccckkk"

yeah me too

This game is the most adorable thing. it also helps that literally everyone loves watermelons, especially if they have cute little faces

This looks so cool! Could you please make it for mac?

It looks awesome! Could you maybe make it for mac?

Looks Awesome! Is there any chance you could make it for Mac?

This looks beautiful! Could you maybe make it for mac??

I was typing "The demo looks awesome already". I accidentally typed "The demon looks awesome already". Even in the intro the beautifully unsettling piano music prepares you for what lies ahead. Keep up the awesome work

This looks so beautiful... Could you maybe make it for Mac?

Thank you so much! (・∀・○)

Omg this game looks adorable! can you make it for mac?

looks like a cool game

I don't want to come off as rude, but all I see is a pink screen and some music. I've tried pressing buttons, but nothing happens. Help please! (it's probably just my fault and something really obvious i ignored)

Welcome to the life of an average introvert, where having a short conversation and forgetting your keys is so insanely draining that it makes you question your existence and have a mental breakdown.

Never have I so excessively celebrated microwaving oatmeal.