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Thanks again, it was my first Ludum Dare, a very nice experience, I tried to keep a normal life during this weekend, so necessarily the whole is a bit simple. 

Hey, thank you for the very nice reply (again ^^) ! I will try to continue to make some small games for fun, I hope you will continue to give me your opinion on them.

So simple, but so amazing ! Really GooD game !

thanks man, in fact, I make the graphics as simple as possible ^^ and thanks for rating !

Thanks my friend ^^

Hey, even if you don't finished it, the game is rather fun to play !

Hi, it doesn't seem to work here :-/

What a music !! Really very nice job for the whole ^^

The best 30 minutes on a PC game for ages...

You did it alone ?? It's totally awesome ! Great job, you really master Construct 2 !

Thanks @drludos, it's more or less the first idea who comes to me ^^

hello Shmolin, so you must try the updated version, where you can left click on the difficulty you want ^^ Thanks for your interest !

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Ok I'm sorry everybody, but apparently several bugs have crept into the game. I'll try to fix them as soon as possible :-/

Thanks drludos !! As i usually say, i always try to do my best ^^. Thanks for playing !

Hi, I leave you a comment, for this one, the maximum score (stars) is mandatory ^^

Thanks ^^.

For the animations, I have more or less difficulty to make them according to the points of view of the object or the character. I don't really like using existing stuff. Even if the music or the sfx don't sounds terrible, at least everything os homemade ^^.

Thanks again for your very very nice comments !!! It helps me a lot to keep doing my best to make games !! It's really cool that you have a twitter account now, i'll see that very soon :-)

Hi chaoticnuketral, sorry for the late reply (i'm getting married in a week, so i really don't have a minute for me anymore ^^ ). For the music, i hope i can improve myself one day ^^.

About the rat's animation, i 'm not sure i've done something very realistic, maybe it's look like an animation of a cartoon dog or something... :-P

Thank you again for your interest in my games ! Can i follow you on twitter or something ?

Hi chaoticnuketral ! Thanks for this comment, i really love when people leave me comments, and yours are always very complete and argued !

I'm really sorry that the main menu theme displeases you so much, but it's true that this is really not my strong point :-/ Next time, i'll try to do a little better. I use Deflemask to create all the "music" of my games, in this software, we have the choice between several systems. I almost always choose the sound of the Commodore 64 ^^.

As the game is a race where you have to make the best possible time, I wanted everything to be as clear as possible, and i'm rather proud that the goal seems reached ^^.

it's funny what you say about the rat and its animation, because that is precisely the part where I applied the most ^ ^

When you say : "Have the mines explode at some point", the idea is that if the player is to slow to disarm a mine, it explodes?

Thanks again for the interest you have in my games.

Best regards

Thanks my friend ! Always a pleasure to see your comments ^^.

Thanks Sciaracastro, it's a really good idea ! I could indate their positions using arrows or something like that. I don't know if it's possible to play with the "stereo audio" to indicate mine's position. But thank you again, i appreciate reading these kind of comment ^^

Thanks to you Domagoj Jursic, my idea for the level of night was to act like a mine hunt, without the player knowing where they are. I should have incorporated a softer halo of light, maybe for an update ? Thanks again, i'm very happy that people comment my games ^^

Thanks again tetsuro, i know i cant count on you to support me ^^

C'est génial, tout comme mon copain  Studio Vetea !

Les sensations rétros sont là, j'adore la musique, le tout fonctionne très bien ensemble :-)

Well done man !!

Hey, thank you for this great comment! Following several opinions on different French forums, i changed the way to play a lot of times. And that was the good thing to do, i'm very happy with the final result ^^. It has been a great challenge for me to create something fairly balanced and relatively interesting to play. Even if you can not seen it in catch this, the graphic part is a bit my strong point, I am very happy that this demo pleases you. I hope to have the pleasure of re-reading super positive comments like yours 

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Thanks again !! In fact, "google translate" help me a lot. I try to make some changes on my free time, wich is very short some times ^^

Thanks for the comment creeperspeak ! I pushed the vice a little further than only the 16 colours, i worked in a resolution of 13*30 pixels with the idea that one color equal to one pixel. I just readjusted the display on the page ( here the resolution is 130*300) so that's not too small. Thanks again, and thanks for rating !

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Thanks for the very nice comment chaoticnuketral, it really please me to read this ^^. As i said in another comment, there are a few way to improve this little game, and your idea is a very nice one !! I take note of that. ( in advance, sorry for my english..). And thanks for rating.

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I'll keep trying to make your game work for me before rating it. Thanks for the answer. OK i found it, for me (with an AZERTY keyboard), the action key is C. Nice concept, maybe the chickens are a bit to fast !

I agree with you noc7c9, there are a lot of possible improvment for this game ! I also thought of reducing the size of the pink's pixel. For the sound, i apologize, it's really not my best part .... ^^. Thanks for rating !

Does it really works ?? I'm on AZERTY keyboard, normally the Z key is the W key on my keyboard, but does not seem to work. Is there any animation when the Z key is pressed ?

Really nice, A little bit difficult to understand the concept, but once it's done, it's very fun to play.

Thank you noc7c9, what a good advice !! I don't think about that ^^'

Great job my friend ! Thank you again for everything !

Thanks Man, i do my best as usual ^^.

Well done Man !

Thanks Tetsuro ^^. I hope i can do more one day... ^^

Thank You Jupiter !

In fact, it's very simple, there are 4 rooms. In the first there is the woman who need help, and you must go in the 3 other rooms to find the condom. The condom is put randomly in one of these rooms. So bad that my explanations weren't clear enough :-/

It's totally awesome !!

Oh man, it's too high for me... But i give you a high rating on novelty and kink ^^

Really beautiful, the music is very nice too !!