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Hi chaoticnuketral, sorry for the late reply (i'm getting married in a week, so i really don't have a minute for me anymore ^^ ). For the music, i hope i can improve myself one day ^^.

About the rat's animation, i 'm not sure i've done something very realistic, maybe it's look like an animation of a cartoon dog or something... :-P

Thank you again for your interest in my games ! Can i follow you on twitter or something ?

Hi chaoticnuketral ! Thanks for this comment, i really love when people leave me comments, and yours are always very complete and argued !

I'm really sorry that the main menu theme displeases you so much, but it's true that this is really not my strong point :-/ Next time, i'll try to do a little better. I use Deflemask to create all the "music" of my games, in this software, we have the choice between several systems. I almost always choose the sound of the Commodore 64 ^^.

As the game is a race where you have to make the best possible time, I wanted everything to be as clear as possible, and i'm rather proud that the goal seems reached ^^.

it's funny what you say about the rat and its animation, because that is precisely the part where I applied the most ^ ^

When you say : "Have the mines explode at some point", the idea is that if the player is to slow to disarm a mine, it explodes?

Thanks again for the interest you have in my games.

Best regards

Thanks my friend ! Always a pleasure to see your comments ^^.

Thanks Sciaracastro, it's a really good idea ! I could indate their positions using arrows or something like that. I don't know if it's possible to play with the "stereo audio" to indicate mine's position. But thank you again, i appreciate reading these kind of comment ^^

Thanks to you Domagoj Jursic, my idea for the level of night was to act like a mine hunt, without the player knowing where they are. I should have incorporated a softer halo of light, maybe for an update ? Thanks again, i'm very happy that people comment my games ^^

Thanks again tetsuro, i know i cant count on you to support me ^^

C'est génial, tout comme mon copain  Studio Vetea !

Les sensations rétros sont là, j'adore la musique, le tout fonctionne très bien ensemble :-)

Well done man !!

Hey, thank you for this great comment! Following several opinions on different French forums, i changed the way to play a lot of times. And that was the good thing to do, i'm very happy with the final result ^^. It has been a great challenge for me to create something fairly balanced and relatively interesting to play. Even if you can not seen it in catch this, the graphic part is a bit my strong point, I am very happy that this demo pleases you. I hope to have the pleasure of re-reading super positive comments like yours 

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Thanks again !! In fact, "google translate" help me a lot. I try to make some changes on my free time, wich is very short some times ^^

Thanks for the comment creeperspeak ! I pushed the vice a little further than only the 16 colours, i worked in a resolution of 13*30 pixels with the idea that one color equal to one pixel. I just readjusted the display on the itch.io page ( here the resolution is 130*300) so that's not too small. Thanks again, and thanks for rating !

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Thanks for the very nice comment chaoticnuketral, it really please me to read this ^^. As i said in another comment, there are a few way to improve this little game, and your idea is a very nice one !! I take note of that. ( in advance, sorry for my english..). And thanks for rating.

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I'll keep trying to make your game work for me before rating it. Thanks for the answer. OK i found it, for me (with an AZERTY keyboard), the action key is C. Nice concept, maybe the chickens are a bit to fast !

I agree with you noc7c9, there are a lot of possible improvment for this game ! I also thought of reducing the size of the pink's pixel. For the sound, i apologize, it's really not my best part .... ^^. Thanks for rating !

Does it really works ?? I'm on AZERTY keyboard, normally the Z key is the W key on my keyboard, but does not seem to work. Is there any animation when the Z key is pressed ?

Really nice, A little bit difficult to understand the concept, but once it's done, it's very fun to play.

Thank you noc7c9, what a good advice !! I don't think about that ^^'

Great job my friend ! Thank you again for everything !

Thanks Man, i do my best as usual ^^.

Well done Man !

Thanks Tetsuro ^^. I hope i can do more one day... ^^

Thank You Jupiter !

In fact, it's very simple, there are 4 rooms. In the first there is the woman who need help, and you must go in the 3 other rooms to find the condom. The condom is put randomly in one of these rooms. So bad that my explanations weren't clear enough :-/

It's totally awesome !!

Oh man, it's too high for me... But i give you a high rating on novelty and kink ^^

Really beautiful, the music is very nice too !!

Wonderful music, wonderful graphics !! I really like it, very nice job !

Thank you Reynart !!

i don't really have this in mind when i make the game ^^, but it's a good vision ! I really like yours too (even if there si no graphism), you hit the target (sorry for my bad english) your submission is definitively horny.

Thanks Rangooo, this kind of comments makes me feel good ^^. For information the final demo is avalaible, it's called "broken SpaceShip complete demo". I hope you'll enjoy this too !

excellent !

The same here ^^

Created a new topic don't forget rating

hi everyone,

Rating time finished in more or less 4 days, and there is only 188 rating at all. It's ~ 10% of the rating expected, so don't be shy and rate more ^^.

ok, i thought you didn't submit the game before the deadline... Sorry ^^, i rated it today !

Yeah it works !!

Thanks eevee, it was a real pleasure to participate to this jam !

Too bad that you can't finish the game in time, i love the graphics style, the animation too.

Yeah it's the same here, i've win10 too.

Yes, you're right fluffy, congratulations to all.

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Thanks for this topic mutantcassidy, it's too bad that there is no more discussion between all of us. And you're right, the world needs more horny games !!! ^^

Here's is my wip contribution :


Thanks for te reply Fluffy, you're right, i can polish the game later, and i think i 'll do it ^^

Created a new topic it's gonna be short...

hi everybody,

As I said in my first subject, its my first jam. I have a prototype of my horny game, wich is working good. But I think, it's gonna be really short to submit something well finished. I knew that my personal situation (a job, a wife, a little child) doesn't help me to do what I really want to do. But it's a good experience, and I hope you'll enjoy my game, finished or not. Good luck all.

Thanks for the reply. Of course it's gonna be a demo ^^. If i haven't a wife and a little child, i will really love to quit my job too. maybe one day...