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Well done Man !

Thanks Tetsuro ^^. I hope i can do more one day... ^^

Thank You Jupiter !

In fact, it's very simple, there are 4 rooms. In the first there is the woman who need help, and you must go in the 3 other rooms to find the condom. The condom is put randomly in one of these rooms. So bad that my explanations weren't clear enough :-/

It's totally awesome !!

Oh man, it's too high for me... But i give you a high rating on novelty and kink ^^

Really beautiful, the music is very nice too !!

Wonderful music, wonderful graphics !! I really like it, very nice job !

Thank you Reynart !!

i don't really have this in mind when i make the game ^^, but it's a good vision ! I really like yours too (even if there si no graphism), you hit the target (sorry for my bad english) your submission is definitively horny.

Thanks Rangooo, this kind of comments makes me feel good ^^. For information the final demo is avalaible, it's called "broken SpaceShip complete demo". I hope you'll enjoy this too !

excellent !

The same here ^^

Created a new topic don't forget rating

hi everyone,

Rating time finished in more or less 4 days, and there is only 188 rating at all. It's ~ 10% of the rating expected, so don't be shy and rate more ^^.

ok, i thought you didn't submit the game before the deadline... Sorry ^^, i rated it today !

Yeah it works !!

Thanks eevee, it was a real pleasure to participate to this jam !

Too bad that you can't finish the game in time, i love the graphics style, the animation too.

Yeah it's the same here, i've win10 too.

Yes, you're right fluffy, congratulations to all.

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Thanks for this topic mutantcassidy, it's too bad that there is no more discussion between all of us. And you're right, the world needs more horny games !!! ^^

Here's is my wip contribution :


Thanks for te reply Fluffy, you're right, i can polish the game later, and i think i 'll do it ^^

Created a new topic it's gonna be short...

hi everybody,

As I said in my first subject, its my first jam. I have a prototype of my horny game, wich is working good. But I think, it's gonna be really short to submit something well finished. I knew that my personal situation (a job, a wife, a little child) doesn't help me to do what I really want to do. But it's a good experience, and I hope you'll enjoy my game, finished or not. Good luck all.

Thanks for the reply. Of course it's gonna be a demo ^^. If i haven't a wife and a little child, i will really love to quit my job too. maybe one day...

Thanks for the reply. I hope i can submit something a little bit finished.

Hi everyone,

First i must say that i'm excited (bad "pun" here ^^) to participate to this jam (my first jam), but i apologize for my noob question and for my english (i'm french). What i want to know is : can i post prototype of my game, and upload it until the end of the jam ? Or must i submit directly the "final" version (in other words, submit only one version) ?? I don't know if i'm clear ^^.


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Hi everyone (oui je me mets à l'international ^^) this is the latest version of my Space Lander Demo, today i add one level, the demo is very close to the final version. Still working to make it the better and the finest possible. Thanks for playing !

Edit : If when you press the "F" button, the fullscreen mode doesn't work (if you are using microsoft edge for example), just use the fullscreen button in the bottom right of the game.

Merci beaucoup !! (il me semblait t'avoir répondu déjà, mais apparemment j'ai du cliquer je ne sais où ^^) C'est vraiment super sympa tous ces encouragements, je vais essayer de le fignoler au max (en tenant compte du temps que j'ai, de mes capacités et des limites de la technologie Construct2).

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Merci bien Tetsuro !! C'est super sympa ^^. Avec un peu plus de temps, je pourrais fignoler tout ça, certains éléments sont un peu brut de décoffrage comme on dit ;-)

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Ca a l'air super sympa, hâte d'en voir plus !