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Hi, I downloaded this game out of boredom, and because I love cats. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but at the end of the game I was sad it was over. The colors and animations are beyond beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, as well as the story being heartwarming and creative. The cats are also just so cute!

I really would like to see you and this game go far. Playing it was such a fun experience that I loved every second of. I wish that this game had multiple levels, because I could really see this as a platformer game with different levels being different scenes, and different spells being introduced throughout the game. Customizing your character (if there were to be more levels) would be a cool addition too.

Other than that, thank you for this sweet little game. If it's purpose is to stay as a small game, then forget what I said above, but it's great no matter what. Super relaxing!

I loved this game! While there is a lot of room for improvement, it's a quick game to play and waste time on, and I enjoyed it. Like others are saying, the masturbation option being available whenever, and more freedom for sure. More options/places to visit would be great-- it'd be amazing if you both could go on dates!

Another thing, you see her breasts, but if you could see her lower area, as well as your own body? I don't mean to be dirty, but toys would be a nice addition, as well as small animation at some point?

Other than that, it was an amazing game. :)