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good game, it definitely gives you something to think about. 10/10, if you're reading this, play this game. 

thank you for this, I especially enjoyed the part where the music when "blee blu blop blu blu blee blee blee blu blop blu blu". impeccable art style as well.

cant believe the creator of shagster online gave me the honor of a comment reply

I am crying why is this so amazing,,, this gave me revolutionary relationship advice that I will forever be grateful for..... I cannot believe I actually got to date all 3 chipmunks omg

this game is oddly heartwarming. it reminds me of all the things that can be, and thats special

I loved this! I really feel like it could have a great storyline with it when you decide to expand :)

This seems like a really sweet concept, however when I try to download/play it, I get an error that says to re-download it- but this doesn't help. Just letting you know :)

this is really nice! I love the story, just one thing is that when you go onto the balcony, you can fall off. I found this out the hard way, and had to restart the game. thanks for the play!

i put off playing this game for the longest time, but im glad i finally played :) this was super cute, and an easy quickplay

to be entirely honest, i did not mean to click on this game. however, the cutesy music enticed me to stay, and im so glad i did! this gave me the warmest vibe, and actually gave me halloween vibes :') thanks!

i absolutely adore this. its so serene and peaceful :)

i love the mood of this, whats a kelpie?

The atmosphere in this game is incredible. Its such a "walking alone on a beach while the sun rises" type of vibe. Thank you for the experience dev

A perfect visual of that childhood fear of what *might* be out there, waiting to get in

The visuals piqued my interest, but there was no way to describe the feeling it left me with. Great job on this, its something to remember.

The most in-depth game with a complex story line. I couldn't tell what was better: the no description, the fact that it's in German, or the insane difficulty. This game is a must play!

This made me feel super discomforted. I've been cursed now.

An experience to say the least....

Thank you!

What a sweet game about life and its experiences :) Its sorta nostalgic, 10/10

Woah, I went 7 days just spam clicking for treasure till I "die". On the 8th, I decided to take the opposite approach, and walked around. Seeing the lake gave me an odd sense of wonder, and the quote at the end gave me chills. Thank you for this.

Wow. This game was really amazing, and I enjoyed it even though it wasn't the type I'd usually go for. Great job! An indicator that a new path was unlocked on someone else would have been nice though.

Such a warm, comforting game. I love the "picture editing" aspect, it adds some flare :)

This was such a neat little game! The color palette was so warm and comforting, and the cats were adorable :)

This game transcends just being a "game", its a piece of art. This is hands down one of the most unique things I've seen on Its a must play, and a must play again, and again, and again.

This is a super cute little game! I only unlocked one ending out of the three times I played though, I'm not sure how to get any other.

I love this! The background music fit so perfectly, and the rumbling of the train really helped seal the mood. This game is so sweet, and reminds me of the value memories hold. Thank you for making this.

ohhhhh okay sweet! thanks!

I played for a while and got everything up to 300 (except humanities) and still haven't made any friends. I'm not sure where to go from here, if I have to get my points even higher or what. also, I'm not sure what the money is for?

This was such a neat little game! The color palette was so warm and comforting, and the cats were adorable :)

Hm, thanks for giving my existence back

I wrote a little article about it <3

eeeek! i love it! the drawings are adorable, and the background music is so whimsical~~

This is the cutest game i've ever played <3


I absolutely love this game, haha. Its funny and all too real. Plus, the art style is super cute!