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Thanks, yes.

Yes thats right, going in the hole with an X is the same as rolling off the platform.


Only by spikes. :)

yes toggling  something on and off... thanks for trying the game :)

yes that's right, the grey cross stamp.

Thanks.! Hitting a colored cube just make the level restart.




Nice using the staff as movement and shooting. The lights and the splatters makes it juicy.

It's a great game gameplay wise, although I wish you had more time or could collect time of sorts to make it easier. 

WOW best game. Really addictive. Beaten all levels!

Juicy game. I think the juiciest game of I played thus far.

Hotline Samurai Ninja Miami. Graphics are original. Plays great.

huston we did it! relaxing game. Also the menus and stuff makes it polished.

Fast game. I like that you don't die in this runner and just focus on getting a high combo.

An avoiding game. Nice juicy screenshake.

It's kind of abstract game. I didn't understand how to restore the lights, I tried shooting at it ? Anyway the music was great.

Looks and plays great. I noticed a bug in the background not repeating properly and some of the sound effects came in much later.

Nice game. Getting the down is easier than doing the up.

Wow very hectic! So many slimes!

Very cool art. I wonder why you need to use the mouse to dash and not the keyboard?

Is there more to this game than going left and right?

I don't see a game... You need to upload all files in a .zip

I submitted a game to this jam but it is not showing up in the overview?


my game:

hope someone can help!

If I look around fancade it's full of inspired games, 

just looking now I see a game thats called "Gobble kit" made by Martin Magni that definitely a "copy of" donut county a fairly new game. (just look on youtube)

Did he credited the original creator of donut county? (i dont see it there) And what about all the other breakout clones, flappy bird clones, also that cat slide game. This is just what I see on the first page.

I really like fancade it’s a great place to learn and to play games and learn from others.

I added "

This game is Inspired by Color It. Find out more about it here:"

Will also put it to everywhere else I can.

Tricky Towers

Hi Baraa03 I really like your games. Your are an inspiration to me!

Thanks a lot!!!

The driving feels great. The game only missing some music and sounds.


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Great game. Enyoed it very much. Did not find any bugs seems very stable.

The 2 perspectif thing is genius. The presentation needs a lot more work but that's obvious but the tech is in place. Clever game!

Art and sounds is great but player feedback is a bit lacking like getting hit is lame. The shooting feels good but the aiming feels off. Its great but  can be better with a bit more polish.

Sudokish puzzle great use of the theme. Seems very solid!

Smooth puzzle game. I does perfect what It needs to do.

I played that other version because I got the error too.  Only using a weapon once,  good base for a nuclear throne type game. I think it will be fun if you just keep the dead bodies on the ground and let them pile up lol. Fun game!.