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Thanks a lot!!!

The driving feels great. The game only missing some music and sounds.


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Great game. Enyoed it very much. Did not find any bugs seems very stable.

The 2 perspectif thing is genius. The presentation needs a lot more work but that's obvious but the tech is in place. Clever game!

Art and sounds is great but player feedback is a bit lacking like getting hit is lame. The shooting feels good but the aiming feels off. Its great but  can be better with a bit more polish.

Sudokish puzzle great use of the theme. Seems very solid!

Smooth puzzle game. I does perfect what It needs to do.

I played that other version because I got the error too.  Only using a weapon once,  good base for a nuclear throne type game. I think it will be fun if you just keep the dead bodies on the ground and let them pile up lol. Fun game!.

That scream spike hit effect got me the first time lol. The game has a unique vectorish style really cool! Pretty polished feel with the cutscene between levels.

The music relaxing, great job. I would change how the waljump works like how it is in my entry lol, but maybe it’s just me.

Great! The pixel art is great even the cursor looks good. Wish you introduce some new mechanics later on in the game but then it ended. Anyway I had a lot of fun.

This game is fun to play, the bouncyness feels good somehow. But that deadly trail makes in pretty hard. Maybe saved it for later levels. Then it will be better for player to get used to the controls anyway fun game.

Very simple but it fits the theme very wel. Gamepad input was nice too and the music suits it wel too.

So fun to try out al the different items. Great art too. You can only use them one time is truly on point with the theme.

Great platformer with tight controls. It looks simple but with all the tweenish animations it’s look great. A lot of variation in terms of level layout, it does not feel repetitive. The background music keeps entertaining too!

Funny game! How many times you recorded “1” lol. The sprites with the shadows looks good. I think the collision and mouse click detection could be better but everything else is great.

The game can be very hard. Sometimes holding down for big fire ball does not work. The drawn graphics look good and the audio is great!

The game is atmospheric, pixel art is nice. The game could use some in game instructions.

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Great game my new fav! So much content in such short time.  The platforming controls are tight and the pixel art is fitting. I made a platformer too but not nearly as good as this lol.

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Because of the weird controls it felt like a Getting Over It style of game. Anyway I had fun with the game but I got stuck in what looks like fire.

Good explaining how to play at the beginning of the game.  Gets more complex in later levels, amazing how you made so much content in a short time. 

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Great game! Pretty hard haha but the controls and movements are so smooth.

Smart puzzle. It would be cool if you saw the puzzle if you finished.

Cool. The hurting wall is randomized. But the movin/ rotating room seems not, did you use the unity timeline or is it hardcoded. Anyway its a solid game overall, the music if fitting too.

Great you can also reroute the needle a bit. This good be even better as a randomized dungeon crawler. Anyway good entry one of my favs!

This game is great. It looks simple but also good. For me this is your best game.

Good concept. I had some great moments with it.  In my games the zombies always spawned behind me so I never could anticipate.

Thanks, cool video, I will share it with my followers.

Hi, are there still any people looking for team. I'm a programmer but I can also do a bit of art and music. I use mostly Unity.

Great game, good music and gfx. 

There are 2 spelling errors in the dutch version like zittne suppose to be zitten and I think another and voreger = vroeger.

Wow very nice!

Yeah it is a short jam game. I shared your video on twitter. Keep up the good work!

Cool to see people still playing this :)

It's awesome. I like the western more then the scifi part. Good pixel art and animation. The zooming in and out is a simple but good find for extra tension. Great, bye.

Great game. The shooting feels great. Is this is it or are you going to make more content.

Awesome. funny concept and a good execution.

Very cool!

Thanks for making the video. I shared thevideo on my twitter and i hope that more people will see it.

I also going to look if i can do something about the bagpipes.

Thanks for taking your time to check my video game.

I made the clouds in Pyxel Edit by using the pencil rounded brush and then using different sizes and then just cutting them bij half, horizontaly.

I changed the jumping, now it always consistent, you are not the only one who got trouble with that.