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Great character! Do you have a license with it so we know how we can use it (cc0 etc.)? Many thanks!

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Awesome! They look great! What is the license on these assets?

Amazing model!

Thanks for reporting!


Scary game. Going into to the forest is not an option lol. I'm not sure how to avoid the monster even when crouched. The shaders and stuff I think is the best.

That was a fun game. Good pacing and well told story.

Looks cool, it run a bit slow on my laptop.

The game looks really great and the clown with the scissors is scary, but my laptop doesn't run this well. 

I tried the game a couple of times but the scary AI always got me, that start sound lol. I think the interacting with E is a bit bugged because sometimes nothing happend.

Great game with the rain and other elements really setting the tone for this game. 

It had some good jump scares. I think the part in the castle is better than the outside part. I do had some small issues with text overlapping and got stuck while going down the stair but jumping helped. Anyway combined with the music the game has a great vibe.

The shooting and gfx is great, wish there was more to do or story.

The premise of being a security guard and then stuff happens is a good Idea. After falling down and walking in the dark I didn't had a clue what to do. Great game!

Cool Atari game. It might be too hard.

I love the psx graphics. I watched a gameplay vid because it wasn't clear what to do sometimes. 

Creepy game. The outside part with all the floating bodies was nice.

Eerie vibe in the labyrinth. I noticed all kinds of easter eggs hidden like a painting and a mirror.

Evading the monster wasn't to hard because you can outrun it. I could find out what to do with the crowbar. Nice intro movie.

My laptop can barely run this game but the graphics are great and sound also. The enemies kept spawning and take a lot of bullets.

I got trouble downloading the game, quoate exceeded. I will try it again tomorrow.

I liked the vibe and the sounds. I had a hard time at the beginning because some of the colors are to similar. 

Great game. Blood is coming from the sealing. I noticed if you enter the main room you always spawn in the same place. 

I made till the Janitor message but after that I had trouble finding the samples back after dying too bad because I was totally invested in the game. Great work!

Great idea! The pipe broke again seconds after I repaired it.

Great idea! The pipe broke again seconds after I repaired it.

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Amazing! The game feels really polished. It was exciting till the end. Now I have to go back to work, typing random chars

godot 4


After watching tv, I leave the room. Then I walk to the right and see a little creepy moment but after that non of the doors open.

Great atmosphere. Man peeking behind the corners... What to do after watching tv.

Scary voice and sound. I don't know if I walked in circles or not.

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Great game. That black silhouette behind the tree is scarry.

Thanks for trying my game!

Thanks! Great video, I liked and subscribed!



Thanks, yes.

Yes thats right, going in the hole with an X is the same as rolling off the platform.


Only by spikes. :)