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Version 1.1 - July update

New content:

  • New Venue: "Samsahara Desert"
  • New Characters: Saguaro, Joe, Jundao, Neko Sama
  • New Moves: Speed up, Shield


  • Pause Menu improvements
  • Player Select improvements
  • Better messaging for serve controls
  • Better messaging when unlocking a move

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed match winner when player 2 wins on deuce
  • Fixed glitches in character models
  • Fixed interface switch between gamepad and keyboard
  • Fixed glitches when triggering pause menu during dialogues
  • Fixed sound on exit popup in player select
  • Fixed double sound when going to pause menu from unlocked move
  • Fixed debug menu visible for a split second in main menu
  • Disabled mouse cursor
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Thank you for playing Carley Bunny - your cat tree was amazing!

We're proud to finally share Punch Pong ... the world's first ping pong fighting game!
Punch Pong is a fast-paced turn-based fighting game inspired by classic games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat... but there's a twist. Input special combos to trick & annihilate your opponent.

Game Page:

Crowdfunding Sale

Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and support the ongoing development. Check out the status of the current goal on the game page. The first goal was smashed in the first week thanks to the current players and contributors - the second one is on its way!


- Unlock VERSUS mode to play against your friends in local multiplayer
- Gamepad & keyboard compatible
- Complete events to unlock new characters and special moves

Stay in Touch

Keep up with the latest news by following our creator page:
We'll be posting regular devlogs about monthly content updates.

We're happy to answer any questions in the comments - cheers!
~Team Nekomatata

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Version 1.0.1 - minor

New content:

  • New Venue: "LeSweat Gym Storage" ( completed stretch goal update )


  • Reworked heavy bonus explanation in offense tutorial
  • Clearer UI for HP and damage ( with colorblind-friendly palette )
  • Better messaging for executed moves and combos
  • Removed obsolete pause menu button

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed launch errors on MacOS
  • Removed FPS Label
Punch Pong community · Created a new topic Update Log

Release details about new game content, bug fixes, and improvements.

Yes - if we release on Steam in the future, you will get a Steam key from your Itch purchase.
We don't plan to put it on Steam at the moment but it's something we've thought about.

You can perform your Chop move any time after your opponent hits the ball when it's coming back to you. Your character will hit it automatically at the right time. You will still lose HP from the Topspin move, but the Chop cancels the Topspin multiplier. Later you will learn moves that defend from the Topspin and other moves by decreasing HP taken.

Thank you for playing and giving us feedback! It'll help for the next update. We can add more hints in the tutorial to make sure the concepts are made clear.

Let us know if you still have problems.

Punch Pong community · Created a new topic Leave a Comment

Leave any comments here.

Punch Pong community · Created a new topic Report an Issue

Report any issues here.

Thank you!

Moonlight Garden community · Created a new topic Comments

Share your thoughts and experience.

Let us know if you have any trouble playing.

Haha! I was terrible at this - great game. I'd like the controls to be all wasd or directional buttons though. and the knife rotates globally versus from it's local center. I'd rather have it always twist from the center of the knife. But it's a great frustration game!

I love the animations when the foods fall apart- they're super rewarding.

Cool, my best time was about 6 :]

This review : 10/10

Played with my grampa. It was great:

Will Wanderlith have a mac version?

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This was an interesting experience. I liked dropping the meteors and seeing them rotate with the planet until they crashed.

Random idea: you could have volcanoes that meteors can hit and players must wait until dinos are close to a volcano and drop a meteor in order to make it explode.

This is a great start and very visually pleasing!

It could be the input latency. Maybe a calibration system would help.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks Bellannemae - we've been traveling around showing it at gameshows recently, so I'm making time to reply to people who have shown us some love. We're happy that you enjoyed it.

Thanks! Let us know what you think after you give it a play.

Thank you Smiley!

Once we hit 100 I'll still credit the first 100 people in this thread as supporters. 
Did you check out the game?

Hey Wobbly it's Torri from Thirteen & Half Cats! Another great video - you gotta play again using space bar for rewind. It changes everything!

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Oh my. I want to play this game with all the levels of retrocrade. So good.

This was a great game. Thank you for bringing it into the world. The music was fitting, and sound effects were well-placed.

It's a fun multiplayer game!

That's really good for a few days of work - awesome!

This game is really cool. I would love to see more monsters and environment interactions / puzzles to reveal new monsters to snap!

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Hi EvenNote, thank you so much for playing. I'm happy that we made something that speaks to you - one heart to another. Take care and always know that depression isn't you even if it's a part of your life.

We're working on more games this year, I should actually add our newsletter sign up on the game page. It will be the best way to learn about our new game releases.

I loved the art and the music in this game - it's beautiful.

That said, the game design needs work. There are complaints about the game being boring. I don't think the game is boring as much as it is frustrating. The system that generates the totems ( relics? ) that you are supposed to find make the game repetitive. I suggest not generating them one by one. It seems like once you find one, a new one then pops up on the map somewhere ( or an event triggers a new totem to pop up ). This means that the things that I'm trying to find will pop up in places that I have already explored. The very last one is the most frustrating to find since it is basically generated somewhere on the map in a completely random location. Seeing as there are no clues, and seeing as I went around and explored many areas soaking in the wonderful narrative, you aren't challenging me as a player at this point - the system becomes unbalanced.

Furthermore, I started to become numb to the beautiful music and art since I was randomly checking places that I had already been countless times before.

I suggest putting the totems /relics in set locations versus generating them one after another. Put them all on the map and don't move them or make them appear in any order. I guarantee this will help you with players who say they feel lost or bored.

In the end, I didn't find the last totem / relic because I realized the system isn't fair to the player and I stopped playing. I really wanted to see the ending.

This game would get my top regards with that one change to the game design, and I would play again to finish it.

♥ Hey everyone ♥
If you haven't played already, come check out Thirteen & Half Cats. It's now in Spanish, French & English!
Translation feedback is appreciated.


I played against PouleyKetchoup and I won. But did I really win? ;]
It was a nice little experience. It seems like a game that was made for a jam to experiment and learn from and that's cool.

This game could really go somewhere. Seriously. Just with 3 enemies and the current dialogue, I am super intrigued with the possible outcomes. With that said, the only drawback is how the outcomes are determined.

Game Mechanics:
I think the outcomes are detemined randomly. I wouldn't mind if, for example, the knight would always lose to arrows and always win against the fireball. Having a random outcome kind of kills the strategy / memory aspect of the game. Unless I'm missing something and the outcomes aren't actually random?

Audio Experience:
The music is great, but it doesn't loop. I missed the music once it fell silent.

Game Graphics:
The graphics are great! I love the messenger bird. And how he's so slow when he walks in to deliver bad news. And that's his job - to deliver bad news over and over again.  You don't need crazy graphics. Everything is minimal and splendid.

I had a really good time playing this game. I really want to see it work. If you changed the outcomes to something more simple ( knight + fireball = knight wins ) I would definately reccomend to anyone. I laughed a lot with the dialogues and with the overall mood of the game. If you want to add a level of complexity in the future, the messenger can give more details about enemies. For example: a knight on a horse - a knight on a horse may be immune to zombies or whatnot.

Thanks for playing and making this video Skydjinn, I'm happy that the story reached you. I saw the few comments on YouTube, and it's true - this game is simple and linear. Keeping that in mind, this game was made for the people who need the story, and the peaceful / grounded feelings that you mentioned up top.

Thanks for playing, and keep doing what you do! Team Nekomatata is sending warmth your way.

Oh my thank you for your kind words! We're so happy about you making this video :] Looks like we need to pull out the popcorn. Game-play watching time - hooray!