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Payout Options

A topic by Lantana Games created Dec 09, 2015 Views: 3,271 Replies: 21
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Is it possible we can get some different kinds of payout options other than Paypal? Maybe direct bank transfer, Google Wallet, Square Cash, and/or Amazon? It'd just be nice to have a choice.


Seconded, I was actually just about to suggest Square.


We're currently experimenting with bank transfers with a few people. It's a lot more overhead for our small team so it's likely it will be restricted to sellers making over a certain amount. If you'd be interested in using it send us an email:

As for Square Cash, I looked into it briefly at one point, but it doesn't look like it's designed for handling payouts from a business, in addition to not having an API.

Lastly, I also looked into Google Wallet and it seemed like they also didn't have business integration for paying people.

Ah darn. I know Paypal holds funds for a month over a certain limit, so that's why I was suggesting the others. Kinda weird that Square of all companies doesn't have a business integration.

We haven't made nearly enough money to justify adding overhead to your time for bank transfers. When we start making more than 1 purchase every 350 views, we'll talk.

Hi leafo, is that still the case ? Bank transfer would definitely be much more practical. 

What about payouts to a bitcoin address?
This would clearly go in the direction of what stands for:
"Open marketplace for independent digital creators" and "We believe in making it easy for creators to collect money for their creations in a non-obtrusive way." (From the about page)

Is it challenging to propose a bitcoin payout method?


How about Payoneer?


In Turkey it is not allowed to send/receive via Paypal, Skrill etc anymore. People from Turkey needs alternatives such as bank transfer, or Bitcoin.

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Hey. Just wanted to add my name to the list of "Need Bank Transfer Option" :)

There are some countries that doesn't allow PayPal money receiving, I live in Azerbaijan which is one of those.

Hope you guys will enable bank transfer option, at least for devs who can't use PayPal due to their weird country "situation".

Thanks! :)


Yeah! I do not have a Paypal account.


Some people cannot use paypal due to country restrictions. Most people who cannot use paypal use something called Payoneer, a company that offers an US bank account with a routing number etc and a debit card that can be used to receive money and purchase.

Payoneer has something called "us payment service" which is like an invoice that allows a payoneer user to request money from another business for some sales or freelancing services that they've done.

Payoneer as stated above also provides a bank number and a routing number so that everyone from every country can receive money from US businesses.

It is possible to use Stripe with payoneer (if you use stripe for wordpress or online shirt websites etc), but I do not know if allows the collected payout to be transferred through stripe and onto the user's payoneer bank/Credit/debit account.

I have some money in my account, I initiated a payout but don't have paypal configured, only stripe, I hope that Stripe is an option for non-direct payments, if not then I might have to contact the support for a bank transfer or something of the sort.

Either way, I know that the team is doing their best and I hope that the bank transfer option will be available soon.


I second this. Lots of countries have paypal only on payment but without an ability to withdraw funds from account.

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I also live in Turkey, only option available to us right now is Bitcoin, but it's future in Turkey is a bit uncertain.

Having a bank transfer option would simplify things greatly.

I myself using Payoneer is a payout option but yet not have make payment through.

I would suggest you go for Payoneer Mastercard as it is one of the best payment gateways.

If you don't know about Payoneer, Try visiting this page that explains Payoneer Mastercard in more depth.

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But doesn't allow payoneer as payout option. Do you mean you used payoneer with paypal? Which is a bit risky in non-paypal supported countries because you have to create US paypal account which can be blocked by paypal if you are not really in US.


I believe the best option to implement for now is ACH/Bank transfer. The reason is that most of the people in non paypal-supported countries use Payoneer, and each person who has a Payoneer account is given a U.S Bank account with Routing number etc. That person then enters those details on the site they wish to be paid from and when they request a payout, the admins will transfer their funds to their U.S bank account (the one provided by Payoneer).

I sell e-books on and receive the payments via ACH bank transfer into my U.S bank provided by payoneer and have used my Payoneer funds to purchase Game maker studio so I can confirm it's legit.

That being said, let's give the team some time, the admin itself said that they're a small team and we should appreciate the fact that they've actually responded and are making efforts, all we can do now is keep the clean suggestions coming and wait patiently for any updates.

I've already made this request some time ago, and I'm glad they're working on it. Thank you, team!

I live in Turkey, and afaik Stripe also doesn't work in my country. So Payoneer is out of the question I think. I'd love to have the direct bank transfer option available, although I don't think I'll earn any money :) But having the option still would be great.

any news on this? a bic/iban transfer would be really neat. I have paypal (mostly) setup, but it's a another hoop. plus, all the paypal horror stories...

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Any update? I live in China and I really need a bank transfer option.


+1 for Payoneer option. We're using it for getting money from graphic stocks and for freelance jobs without noticeable problems. Don't know if it is convenient from both sides though.


+1 for Payoneer option please.


Just want to add my support here, hoping that seeing more recent offers of support and requests for additional payment options (this seriously needs to be 'stickied', or whatever you guys call front-page topics here :s ) will motivate leafo and company. Not a problem for me, personally, but I understand the struggle to get service; I live in rural Midwest America, so getting service at all can be tricky at best, and absolutely impossible for some things, like cable/fibre-optic internet/TV.

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