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@LoadedTeaspoon, thanks, I had originally planned a different gameplay with an actual story linked to conspiracies upon entering the contest but as I only had twenty hours to work on, I had to rush things and come up with this made up short game. The bomb timer was originally longer but I found out that it just makes the gameplay boring since you would always win (it got a little too easy) and making it very short kept people trying for longer.

Maybe in the future when I have the time again, I will revise this game and update it with nicer mechanics.

Pretty sweet graphics and colors, gameplay was fun and hilarious and the music is the best feature its got. Keep it up.

I have the loading problem too with my HTML5 game, I don't know if it's an issue with Fusion's compatibility with some browsers though. At least yours loaded just fine here, mine doesn't load at all after playing three times.

lmao, when you accidentally hit the kid. Great concept.

@aenever , thanks lol, since I only had one day I got too caught up with the art that I didn't have anymore time to make any nice mechanism.

Comfortable mechanics.

I believe the best option to implement for now is ACH/Bank transfer. The reason is that most of the people in non paypal-supported countries use Payoneer, and each person who has a Payoneer account is given a U.S Bank account with Routing number etc. That person then enters those details on the site they wish to be paid from and when they request a payout, the admins will transfer their funds to their U.S bank account (the one provided by Payoneer).

I sell e-books on and receive the payments via ACH bank transfer into my U.S bank provided by payoneer and have used my Payoneer funds to purchase Game maker studio so I can confirm it's legit.

That being said, let's give the team some time, the admin itself said that they're a small team and we should appreciate the fact that they've actually responded and are making efforts, all we can do now is keep the clean suggestions coming and wait patiently for any updates.

This is not urgent, yet the deadline is coming.
I am considering getting my musical assets on Free Music Archive and OpenGameArt but anyone who would like to contribute would be appreciated.

Keep in mind that I do not have any money to offer as my submission is just for this small jam and not a serious project. Something like "a spare Christmas song that you won't use" would be fine.

Game info:
Genre: Stealth/puzzle
Graphics: Pre-rendered top down 3D in a 2D engine.
Length: short

I approve of this game and its idea.

It should be as it said that game engines such as UDK or unity3D are accepted. I also hope it is because I'll be using fusion for my entry.

That aside, I think that as long as we're all having fun and that we're being fair, any engine should be okay; as it is the main purpose of this jam.

Ahh I see, I am currently outside the United States so I believe my Stripe still has some problems (I have set it up but and it didn't show any errors but it might be from stripe's side). I will try to resolve the Stripe issue.

Meanwhile, can we know what the minimum amount to payout if we wanted to initiate a payout via US Bank transfer?

Some people cannot use paypal due to country restrictions. Most people who cannot use paypal use something called Payoneer, a company that offers an US bank account with a routing number etc and a debit card that can be used to receive money and purchase.

Payoneer has something called "us payment service" which is like an invoice that allows a payoneer user to request money from another business for some sales or freelancing services that they've done.

Payoneer as stated above also provides a bank number and a routing number so that everyone from every country can receive money from US businesses.

It is possible to use Stripe with payoneer (if you use stripe for wordpress or online shirt websites etc), but I do not know if allows the collected payout to be transferred through stripe and onto the user's payoneer bank/Credit/debit account.

I have some money in my account, I initiated a payout but don't have paypal configured, only stripe, I hope that Stripe is an option for non-direct payments, if not then I might have to contact the support for a bank transfer or something of the sort.

Either way, I know that the team is doing their best and I hope that the bank transfer option will be available soon.

Hi, I am receiving the following message after I initiated a payout of $90:

"Warning: You've requested a payout but do not have PayPal configured on your account. is be unable to deliver your payment automatically. Please add a PayPal account below or contact support if you are unable to."

  1. I use the option " collects payments and then pays later".
  2. I do not have paypal but have stripe configured.
  3. I expect the payout/payment to be made to my bank account using stripe.
What went wrong? Will I still receive my payment using stripe?

Second of all, when I change my settings to have the money paid directly to my stripe account, someone sent me an email that the payment had an error, this is what she said:

Problems to pay with a card :(

That message appears:

There was an error processing your card payment:

{"message":"Your card was declined.","type":"card_error","param":"","code":"card_declined"}

Hi, about the onion skinning, I figured that it's not a necessity buy some people might need it since their target framerate might be higher than the background video's frame rate so they might want to "fill" the in betweens by hand.

Thanks for the update, we'll go check it out!

Hi, [Windows 7 x64]

  • Sometimes the undo function doesn't work until the program is restarted. This occurred once after I used the selection tool and accidentally right clicked and the selected image got stuck, I tried pressing CTRL+Z but it unfortunately did not work anymore.
  • After using it for a while (and minimizing twice if that helps), the transparency slider couldn't be click+dragged, but it worked if I clicked anywhere on the bar, if I did a click+drag, it gets stuck.
  • Sometimes the transparency slider and some windows are not responding (loading cursor) but the other windows work just fine.

Here are a few ideas (you might've already implemented some of these since the old version I downloaded):

  • Palette box where you can save a color set.
  • Color picker that picks colors from the whole screen (so that you can pick a color from the background window).
  • Line tool to draw a line.
  • Onion skinning to view previous or next frame for smoother animation work.
  • The possibility of importing a single frame

Artwork looks nice :)

SCIME worked for me, I think SCIME was the most presentable since the graphics were uniform (no mixed art styles) and the gameplay is decent, the concept was also sort of unique compared to the pool of games you usually find in game jams.

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Well yeah, the first price and the other prices sure are really sweet, who wouldn't want an Xbox One or a nice copy of Fusion? But the prices aside, what counts in these game jams is the spirit, the spirit of rushing and working seriously and putting your heart into making a game, having an actual deadline and chasing time. It gives you experience and you get to meet some new people and make friends in the game dev/indie game community, you also get the satisfactory feeling that you actually completed a game, a real product in a given deadline and that it is displayed in front of a lot of people to watch and play.

Participate in every Jam you can (this message is for everyone) because it gives you experience, knowledge and it lets you learn some design elements from the winners' games. You will get better and better until one day you will be the one that's leading as the first place.

15 votes means your game is doing great since there are still some with only one vote :)

445 Ratings, yet some games only have one. This means that there is a game out there that's escalating quickly. The wait continues.

I voted for SrLavor,Zlyudchik, ne0nkind and a lot more. It's nice to see all these games being made with klik products. It's also nice to see some beginners get into the software (some are experienced users though). Makes me miss all the old compos from The Daily Click (

Does this mean that we can use the developer version too and not just the one from
In that case, can one still replace his game file with a.exe if he has the developper version of Fusion? (now that the voting is here)

I like the artwork, at least you can now work on it on your own pace and not rush things. My game for example, had to have eighty percent of its features cut down since I ran out of time after working on the art and assets.

  1. The contest states that one should download the free edition of Fusion from and use that to make their game. I see a lot of .exe games, was there an option to export as .exe or is the Free version from HTML5 only?
  2. My HTML5 game has problems with the ordering of the objects, the object that should be behind the player is now covering him up, is this a runtime issue? It works fine in Fusion's runtime editor but not in the browser.
  3. My game worked twice after I uploaded it and then it couldn't receive input after some time reloading the page, what should we do in case of something like this?
  4. Can we still edit the thumbnail of the game on even after the deadline? (The thumbnail, not the game contents)