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A topic by Sypher Game Studios created Jun 16, 2016 Views: 361 Replies: 27
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Does the amount of votes matter? Seems like nobody wants to vote for mine so would it matter if it was only 1 vote? could it beat someone with 20 votes?


which one is yours?


The Watchers, a few more people have voted on it.


The same thing on my game, nobody wants to vote.


I did. I liked it.


Your game looks awesome too!


Yeah, still same. :c

Really? Cause yours is really good. It was very hard, but good. I'm actually suprised i hadn't voted on it yet. 5/5

And you have like 11 people that voted on it. Right now i have 4. Big difference.

Thanks! I don't see your game... I'll check it out


I'll be voting on all the entries on the weekend when I get a chance to play them - I can only speak for myself, but I was running on 5 hours of sleep per night while I made my entry..because I have a full time job etc. So now I need a little break from the computer, but I'll be back into it on the weekend to play and rate!

Sounds Good to me!

Wow, 5 hours, good luck with relaxing :D


Same. Expect minus the job part. I was just up all night working on it.

same. if you look at my time i submitted my game it was 4 hours before the deadline. I then stayed up all night celebrating th efact that I just released my first serious game.

Same :D


I submitted it with 23 min before the deadline. lol.


I voted for SrLavor,Zlyudchik, ne0nkind and a lot more. It's nice to see all these games being made with klik products. It's also nice to see some beginners get into the software (some are experienced users though). Makes me miss all the old compos from The Daily Click (create-games.com)

Thanks! Yeah, it really is nice to look at the other ones and see how good they ALL are, Beginner or Experienced. I for one have about 2 Years of knowledge of Clickteam, So i'm quite in the middle.


445 Ratings, yet some games only have one. This means that there is a game out there that's escalating quickly. The wait continues.


yes, and its unfortunate that there are many games that are actually good that only have 1 or 2 ratings. I am quite content that i was able to get 15 votes, even though it pains me that me along with everyone else who didn't get a lot of votes don't even get a chance.

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Well yeah, the first price and the other prices sure are really sweet, who wouldn't want an Xbox One or a nice copy of Fusion? But the prices aside, what counts in these game jams is the spirit, the spirit of rushing and working seriously and putting your heart into making a game, having an actual deadline and chasing time. It gives you experience and you get to meet some new people and make friends in the game dev/indie game community, you also get the satisfactory feeling that you actually completed a game, a real product in a given deadline and that it is displayed in front of a lot of people to watch and play.

Participate in every Jam you can (this message is for everyone) because it gives you experience, knowledge and it lets you learn some design elements from the winners' games. You will get better and better until one day you will be the one that's leading as the first place.

15 votes means your game is doing great since there are still some with only one vote :)

that is very true, i have participated in only two jams, only because i can only participate during the summer because school.


Last weekend I spent a full day and a half getting through to the end of all the submissions, I am amazed with all of the great games! Everyone should have a rating from me. Exceptions for SCIME, the mikees, and SiXWarALPHA that were unplayable/not available, and of course my own game which I cannot rate myself. I've got 8 ratings which is less than what I would have expected when stacked up with the better games, but the good news is all of us now have 5+ ratings which is enough to give us a good average of 5 stars in each of the three categories, so that we can be judged fairly.

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Why my game SCIME is unplayable ?

Winrar is free : http://www.win-rar.com/

My game content a extra folder then I've packed it


SCIME worked for me, I think SCIME was the most presentable since the graphics were uniform (no mixed art styles) and the gameplay is decent, the concept was also sort of unique compared to the pool of games you usually find in game jams.


Thanks for that link, installed the extractor program and used it on the RAR file successfully.Good game!

At the deadline I noticed that well over 100 people had signed up. Yet only about 1/4 submitted games (34 entrants). To date some entrants have amassed well over 34 people voting for them, and others very little input. I'm curious are these extra members game developers? Or could they be predetermined supporters of some entrants? I'm not great at maths yet this seems to leave a situation where it could be easy to manipulate the voting. Just saying that potentially it could lead to bias. Yet, as that's out of our control, I would encourage all contestants to try out all the games and rate them. There are many fledgling developers that would benefit from constructive feedback.