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Thanks. The controls are really bad, and that is my apologies. I have gotten better at Clickteam since. I am just gonna scrap this game for now...

Thanks for the feedback guys. :)

After the contest ends and everything has been graded I will update it.

@DaveC I loved your game. But I agree. I rushed this game and I made some mistakes in doing that. And I am already starting to update it.

Read the How to Play. It says that if you use your mouse, you can see where stuff is. Mouse over the bottom left corner of the jail cell and hit enter in your keybord.

Update: I don't think I can upload any screenshots now because the contest ended.

Alright, I will as soon as I can. I am busy with something at the moment. I think I will make a gamejolt page for it, and upload the updated exe there.

I played it. And I love it!

Still downloading, but the assets look amazing.

I found a huge bug in the first few seconds of playing it. The game just stopped working.

Loved it! Very funny and fun to play!

I submitted it with 23 min before the deadline. lol.

Same. Expect minus the job part. I was just up all night working on it.