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Strange that your game has so many people voting and the game by 'Loaded Teaspoon' considering that there are only 34 entrants?

This isn't American Idol, the voting shouldn't be dependent on how many supporters without entering a game joined the Jam before it closed. Well Over 100 registered & are eligible to vote, yet there are only 34 actual game entries. The 60% votes from contestants & 40% from staff seems to be an unfair playing field. I know the prizes on offer are awesome yet it shouldn't the an excuse for exploiting loopholes

At the deadline I noticed that well over 100 people had signed up. Yet only about 1/4 submitted games (34 entrants). To date some entrants have amassed well over 34 people voting for them, and others very little input. I'm curious are these extra members game developers? Or could they be predetermined supporters of some entrants? I'm not great at maths yet this seems to leave a situation where it could be easy to manipulate the voting. Just saying that potentially it could lead to bias. Yet, as that's out of our control, I would encourage all contestants to try out all the games and rate them. There are many fledgling developers that would benefit from constructive feedback.