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Voting irregularities

A topic by robotbob created Jun 27, 2016 Views: 262 Replies: 10
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This isn't American Idol, the voting shouldn't be dependent on how many supporters without entering a game joined the Jam before it closed. Well Over 100 registered & are eligible to vote, yet there are only 34 actual game entries. The 60% votes from contestants & 40% from staff seems to be an unfair playing field. I know the prizes on offer are awesome yet it shouldn't the an excuse for exploiting loopholes

I'm quite sure anyone on itch.io can vote, but for everyone involved, I'd hope the rankings are not just a popularity contest. I thought I read somewhere that the score is taken from the average of the user ratings, so it might mean a game with 10 votes could rank higher than a game with 50 votes.. maybe.

Yeah, anyone on itch.io can vote, it says so on the competition page. And i'd assume that they take an average of the scores for the sake of making it a more comprehensive and balanced impression of the game itself. Seems like it'd make more sense to do it that way.


No not anyone can vote, I'm 100% sure that you had to register to be able to vote. Problem being that anyone could register regardless of putting in a game or not. I think you'll find that the voting is now closed to outsiders that didn't register by the deadline.

i didnt register and voted on several of the entries- good job guys


You mean you rated on several contestants game pages, that's not the same as rating a game for the comp (to rate games you needed to register). However, it's great to see you encourage dvelopers, all feedback is super helpful.


I can confirm that you had to enter the competition (registered, doesnt matter if you submitted a game or not) to be able to vote on the games, however outsiders can vote on the game's page that isn't connected to the game jam (for each game there is a page of the game and one of the game within the game jam group). But yes I do agree with the concern of people spam making accounts that give their game full 5 star ratings, but the staff that pick the winner should hopefully be able to easily tell any outliers because of that.


Well said Breadtarian.

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This is a joke... I'm leaving my game of this jam...


I initially had something bad to say about this, but in all honesty, this seems to be how a lot of game jams go.

Relevant 2kliksphilip video



WARNING! MNasons got 69 reviews by 'promoting his game to friends', so a majority are likely biased 5 star ratings. The median score is exactly the same as the raw (average) score, meaning there was only votes with all categories with one star and votes with 5 stars. So the legitimate votes would have all been 1 star (rightfully so) and his friends all giving 5 stars, where most people got 10-15 votes he outnumbers us with 60 (by 'advertising' but no 40 people all give 5 star ratings, so can confirm he used alternate accounts) and outnumbered us to the point where his score is on average 4.2 . This competition has been cheated! MNasons was collectively judged by my game development club to easily be the worst entry there was, what am I supposed to say to them now, that the very game has won by him flooding it with biased 5 star ratings, and all our efforts have been a complete waste of time? If this isn't revoked I may need to spread this competition's disaster so more people are aware of the undeserving 1st place winner. Clickteam, do something about this!