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I agree with the previous comments that with some time and expansion this game would be really good. Also having read the developer notes you included, i can say that the best way to improve with Clickteam is just through experimenting and using it, so it's good that you pushed yourself to try new things. That's the best way to improve. Good work and good luck updating it :)

confusing, but interesting :)

Very well polished and put together. Was it an intentional feature to have the people running in time with the music? Because whether it was or not that was brilliant :D

Really cool soundtrack and an interesting combat system. Good game :)

Took me a while to figure out how to do the dodgeball game, but i liked the variety of games on offer and the sprite animation of the character was pretty good too :)

The movement it's a bit weird, maybe that is the idea I am not sure. The game is not bad though, it could use more polish, but it is a game jam game and the amount of different levels is quite impressive. Keep on creating!

I am not aware exactly of what I should, although i was guessing shooting. It need a tutorial so the player gets what is going on. The camera is not the best keep on practicing, by polishing it this could turn into something.

This game make my antivirus go crazy saying there are huge security issues if I allow the program to run . That was not the case with any other entry I downloaded, and I downloaded almost all of them. I don't know what's up with that, cause I see nobody had the problem.

I like that little thing you did with the written content in the first level, the idea is neat. I think the most important thing is you have to make sure you pin point some fail states, because after falling in level 2 you don't get a prompt that you failed and there is no way to go back to the menu. Don't give up though, keep on trying to make games, practice makes it perfect.

I might be doing this wrong but the text boxes are empty sometimes, and I have no idea what to do in this game. The game keeps on telling me to left click and nothing happens, I clicked on everything on the screen. Sadly I am stuck.

This is a nice game, could have benefited from being larger in scale but that is not a big thing. It plays well, puns are funny and it is quite action packed. Good job making this it so fun to play!

I am unsure of how to play this, cause there is no tutorial explaining anything, I tried the good old try all of the buttons that may right, manage to discover "E" is for opening the chest. Managed to move around and jump, somehow jumped right through the brown wall on the left never to be seen again. Tried one more time still clueless. Sorry for the 999 rooms I never got to see. The art style it's not bad, and it's consistent, which is good, it has the retro sort of feel, very nice, but please consider in the future that people have poor eyesight, so make the writing high contrast and chose fonts easy to read, it makes it more accessible.

This is very very pretty, the environment it's beautiful, I like that transitions and it looks very polished. Sadly I don't know French, so I have no knowledge of what needs to be done. But as I said atmospheric and nice.

This game is quite cute, and it is a game with simple rules that work. However the chances of dying are so damn high it's kinda frustrating. If the bomb appears in the middle of the map there is no time to take it to the edge, but that could be solved with some testing. If you put a mute button on in and you export it for mobile this can be the new flappy bird cause it's cute and impossible. I can't really see the conspiracy aspect of this but still good job making this game.

This really speaks to me... Love it :D Bit tough hitting enemies when they fly up into the corners of the screen since both weapons arc downwards after firing, but something about the hip hop and serene scenery just cracks me up. Great!

Fun game with a cool core concept. Enemies had a bit too much health, made me wonder if i was doing anything at the beginning, but it sped up once i got the powerup

Only complaint i have is that it froze a couple times and (unless i'm an idiot which is possible) you can only fire to the right. Otherwise this was incredibly enjoyable, very well done. I like the way the ship catches fire the more pain you build up.

Nice drawings and an original concept that i'm fairly sure i've never seen before anywhere. Ever. Which is impressive :)

Cool game, impressive what you managed to do with just the mouse and a few keys. All the mechanics work really well together, only minor complaint is that the camera is very close to the bottom of the screen, so it's sometimes hard to see what's below you when you're trying to descend. Otherwise really good :)

Couple of the traps are in corridors that are so small they make it impossible to get by without being hit, unless i'm missing a trick. Overall, though, this game is really fun and challenging, and i think the retro style and the music make for a very good mood. Nice job :)

Brilliant game, very well polished. Only real complaint is that the enemies from the spawners tend to build up around doors, and you then can't open them without being immediately damaged. Still, very well made, and impressive that you managed to include a checkpoint feature in Clickteam :)

Couldn't find enough time to go up and use the upgrade system, but the multiple characters was a neat touch and the combat was actually really fun and accessible. The clickteam logo at the start didn't disappear until the game started the first time, so i couldn't read the tutorial, and some of the faster characters could have used a little more health, but maybe i just wasn't very good at the game :) Overall a pretty cool game, well done.

Enjoyable game, i liked the bonus lights advertised by the billboard, very nice touch :)

brilliant news, thank you for resolving it

thank you :)

I've gone back to rate about half of the games now and it shows up on the game submission page, so i think it's registering them. But yeah, the "overall ratings" number is still stuck at zero for me too :/

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Advertisement it's the name of the game in the industry. When people have a following a game will have more coverage. We encouraged our friends to play and vote the game fairly, as they saw fit. There were no rules against advertising your game, exposing it to people that follow you and are interested in your development. We don't want to be aggressive, because hate posts exist on the internet and that is something that will always happen, but we have not committed any fraud. If you consider other entries should have been at the top than that is your opinion and we respect that. Saying that we worked outside the rules however it's not true.

I also think this is an unfair assessment. I don't have enough emails to make alternate accounts. There's nothing wrong with sharing something you're proud of having made with people who are interested in seeing it

Hey Dave C, just wanted to say your game was one of the most polished and professional that my teammates and I got a chance to play and rate. Really good job for such a small span of time, and we all wish you good luck in the future

Hi aenever, thank you for your comments and congratulations on your game, i really enjoyed it and i hope the updates go smoothly. Good luck and great job :)

Yeah, anyone on can vote, it says so on the competition page. And i'd assume that they take an average of the scores for the sake of making it a more comprehensive and balanced impression of the game itself. Seems like it'd make more sense to do it that way.

really powerful mood. A little bit light on conspiracy, but beautifully done