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Redemption at Outpost 56View game page

Framed for the murder and destruction of Outpost 56, you escape from prison to clear your name. A Metroidvania.
Submitted by Midnight Mastodons (@mdntmstdns) — 13 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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Really nice graphics, challenging game! I included it in a compilation video series of all of the I Want To Create Contest games, if you'd like to take a look! :)

despite being brutally tough this game was pretty impressive. I liked the music choices, helped pull the player in and feel the ambiance and setting of the game / world you created. I played for quite a while - nice work!


This one I loved. Amazing job with the presentation! The gameplay was also well crafted.

Couple of the traps are in corridors that are so small they make it impossible to get by without being hit, unless i'm missing a trick. Overall, though, this game is really fun and challenging, and i think the retro style and the music make for a very good mood. Nice job :)

I loved the graphics for this game, and the challenges where sufficiently difficult. The main problem is the lack of motivation, and the lack of direction. The game has many perilous passages to explore, but there isn't much of a reward after finishing them. I got stock in the red zone eventually, so maybe the game becomes more purposefull later, but no I feel unsatisfied after finishing a difficult set of enemies.

Great character animation. Difficult platforming.

The hit detection seems too sensitive at times but increases the challenge. It would be cool to see a basic controller gamepad supported in the future. I'm unable to complete the whole game at this time but I'll keep trying. ;)

Fun retro game, reminds me of the games I played as a kid =)

Really enjoy playing this game.


This game is probably my favorite out of all the other entries.

Nice pixel art, consistent style, nice colours etc. GFX do their job.

I'd like there to be visible checkpoints, it would be nice to know I'm "safe" when I make it to certain points. The collision detection was maybe just a little too unforgiving, but at least it is consistent. Perhaps you could add teleport pads or something to help solve backtracking.

I didn't realise you could slide for a long time, so I spent a lot of time frustated with the thwomp-like things XD

Fun game and I love the "old school" NES style!


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Breadatarian, REALLY appreciate your specific feedback. You are right, the enemy graphics were definitely a result of the deadline and our limited pixel art abilities. We're very likely going to do a revamp of the game to build on what we have, and I would expect that we'd redo the enemies

The backtracking will be re-looked at too, it was hard building the levels under the deadline in a way that promoted exploration but also kept you on a path. Dead ends are where we had originally built the levels to either pick up weapons or learn skills, but again with the deadline we decided to go weaponless (which helped to focus more on skillful platforming, or at least that was the goal) and to provide all skills from the beginning (wall jump, wall slide, ground slide).

Thanks again everybody for playing our game, very excited to get something out there!


Great game! Got a tad annoyed with the backtracking though. The intro is amazing but the game doesn't suit its tone, particularly the bright and colourful aliens. It is very cool that the enemy sprites are randomized each time! Its cool how you can slide to get around faster, a nice little trick to discover.

Really reminds me of Older Games like NES Games, I like it!


Very well done, Awesome stuff!

Whoa! This game is great! Great NES-style challenge. Easy to get into. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this.


Good gameplay and nice job on the assets.