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Hello and thank you. Yes, I used this the last game jam. If that's against the rules then I am willing to stop participating. I'm sorry for that. Found this jam in the few last hours and just clicked participate.

Btw. The game was actually made in 48 hours, even if the last jam gave us 2 weeks. I've learned about the last jam in the last 48 hours.

LoadedTeaspoon, Zusero - Thank you. I am aware of the camera problem and I'm going to fix it when I have more time. :)

Update: A lot of visual changes, modification to platforming (slowed down the platforms), levels redesinged, general bugfixing.

I really liked the music.

I think you should expand on this. The idea is nice.

It was really pleasant to play this. Thank you! :)

aww... unfortunately it's not loading. :(

The artstyle is really interesting.

The controls are a little bit clumsy but nothing that can't be overcome. Expand on it. :)

I liked the presentation. The body is kinda Rayman style. :D

Addicting little gem.

I see a potential here. :)

Random stuff is random. Random fun is fun. I liked it. :)

This took my by surprise. Really strange but I dig it.

So cute. I can't stop looking at that picture. Game presentation is also nice.

Quite addicting and fun. Good job.

Quick, simple, creative and fun. Thank you :)

Good name, fun gameplay. I would like to buy you a bear... I mean beer. :D

I laughed so hard. Thank you!

I think I was indoctrinated by this music. It's kinda creepy but I like it. Original idea.

Mindblowing how much work was put into this. I'm amazed Dave! Reminds me of Doom when it comes to the exploration.

I loved it. So simple, yet full of emotions. One of my most favorites artstyles in gaming.

Cutest alien ever. I liked the gameplay and presentation. Using more than 32 directions for shooting would greately help the game. There are some ways to achieve it.

That's definitely something original and fun. As Dave said - improving SFX and colision boxes would greatly help.

A little bit big but it was worth it just to see this water! Also underwater conspiracy game is kinda original (even if I can't understand that language). :)

This one I loved. Amazing job with the presentation! The gameplay was also well crafted.

I dig the artstyle and the overal presentation. Hope you will expand on this somehow. :)

Hello! Nice music and art :)

Just updated the game and uploaded a gameplay video of it. If you just want to quickly watch the game instead of playing it - here it is. :)

Thanks Dave! I Think that I need to slow down the movement of platforms. Unfortunately no time to work on that project for now. There is much to do. :)

Zlyudchik - Thank you! :)

I'm going to expand it. I have a lot of ideas for that one.

zenvision - Thank you. Yes, that's me on every animation. :)

Thanks for the info :)

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Got it. Thank you sir!

Edit: Is there a way to get a steam version of this code?

Hi, Have you received my information (over a month ago)? Tried to sent it again today but I'm getting an error every time.

Same. The rating is 0 for me.

Ok, thanks for the reply. :)