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thanks so much for the feedback! I will definitely be more mindful of the seizure inducing backgrounds moving forward :-)

Collision is wonky. Try developing your own sprites (some of these are from Pokémon). Ghosts should be a bit slower. I don't like that you lose if you pick the wrong door.

LoadedTeaspoon - Thanks for noticing and thanks for the feedback!
averan - Thank you. I definitely agree. I guess I should crack open the geometry textbook... x_X

Thanks for the comments and critiques, Dave C! I didn't consider the constant clicking to be an issue - looking back though, I agree that a hold to shoot would be more intuitive. I initially planned for power-ups as well, unfortunately I reached my object limit so I had to do some trimming.

Thank you for your feedback, GearDrift

Thanks Clickteam!

Thank you Collin for giving my game a spin :-)

Really interesting concept. It was tough trying to do the Parkour section for me XD

You should upload some screenshots of your game... I thought it was fun :-)

You're welcome... you should definitely expand on this concept.

Took me a while to beat this one... good job

Great submission... good variety of minigames

Thank you for the feedback, Zusero!

Good gameplay and nice job on the assets.

Good work. I am in the same boat (on the same whale) as you with the limitations of the Free version ;-)

You did a really nice job considering all the factors at play.

Really nice artwork

Great game. I think my Teddy Bear is going in the garbage after this one, though....

Neat concept. I created assets similar to this for my submission.

Nice game... nice twist on Space Invaders.

Fun game. I ran into a few glitches but overall it was a good experience.

Neat concept... is that you on the title screen?

I really like the artwork... good job :-)

This one is really good! You can see all the hard work and care that were put into the assets. The game flowed naturally and it ran well. The setting/mood were superb. You are extremely talented.

Thank you for the feedback!

This one is really hard!

Very creative! It's distracting me from my submission because I'm trying to beat my high score...

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How dare you?

Really awesome lineup, Clickteam!

Checked out your music... I dig Rendezvous to Alpha Centauri. I really like the chiptune elements :-)

Have you received my information?

Anyone else not get their prize yet? I have sent a few e-mails and still haven't received anything

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Congrats Dave C! Enjoy that Xbox and exporter. You deserve it!!

Congratulations on your preliminary placement!

Unfortunate revotes aren't working... Midnight Mastodon is saying that if you look at the top right of you will see that the DB still has the people logged who voted for it.

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Thank you Clickteam! It really says a lot about the company that you are willing to go above and beyond to do right by your customers! Best of luck to everyone... think it's time for me to start counting my pennies to invest in a copy.

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Any word from Clickteam or on this matter?

Hopefully we will hear what Clickteam has decided to do soon.

In Clickteam's defense, they have been very responsive about this issue and they seem to be working to the best of their ability to do right by everyone involved.

Sent you an e-mail