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Contributing Music!

A topic by Paul Melancon created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 228 Replies: 9
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Hey everyone!

I'm making myself available to help out and make music anywhere I would be a good fit. I could probably scrounge up a sound designer or two if we need some. ;)



Checked out your music... I dig Rendezvous to Alpha Centauri. I really like the chiptune elements :-)

Thanks! That track inspired me to write a full album of similar music that I'm working on now - I should be releasing it some time after IndieCade this year


I would be interested if you want to share some music and sound effects. I will definitely let you know more about the game at the start of gamejam.

Sounds good! Feel free to reach out to me at I don't usually do sound but I can likely find someone to contribute that as well


Sounds good! I will contact you soon.

I can do sound effects and help contribute to music.

But I will be would be working remotely.

hey we need a sound artist if you want to join our team of two let me know!

I'm interested.

How can I get in contact with you?