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Had lots of fun with the Alpha. The game reminds me of an old game called big biz tycoon. IDK if you ever check it out or inspired from it. Can't wait for the full game! 

@andman404 Thanks for letting me know. The physics can be dodgy at times, especially on level 2. That's is why I added a "reset level" on the pause menu by pressing enter.

Honestly though, now I am playing after the game jam, I should had just remove level 2 and just have 4 levels because the other ones are more refined and fun.

My Discord name is the same as here, which is: kfcpop

This was a solo project.

lol. Funny story is the intro was much longer. The writer was ambitious and I would love to share more of the story. However, I knew that it will drag so much for the player, so i had to cut a lot of the text. I would like to add cutscenes and be more interactive (for example, have Emma travel to the past) in order to fix the slowness of the intro. Anyways, thanks for trying it out!

Sounds good! I will contact you soon.

I would be interested if you want to share some music and sound effects. I will definitely let you know more about the game at the start of gamejam.